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Mayerling (1957)

Audrey Hepburn, Mel Ferrer, Raymond Massey, Basil Sydney, Diana Wynard, Judith Evelyn, Isobel Elsom
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A man tells Prince Rudolf, referring to Marinka, "She’s madly in love with your highness."
Rudolf: ”They’re all madly in love with me.” (0:13)

Count Taafe tells valet Loschek, referring to Prince Rudolf, "His Highness seems in a very nervous condition." (0:20)

Rudolf asks Loschek, "Am I mad to believe I have a right to some freedom and happiness too? Tell me Loschek, am I mad?" (0:23)

Countess Larisch tells Rudolf, "Your Highness has an extraordinary memory." (0:29)

Her mother tells Baroness Marie Vetsera, "Dear, don’t be so nervous."
”I’m not worried about your eyes...” (0:32)

Rudolf tells Marie, "I wouldn’t worry." (0:35)

Rudolf tells Marie, "You know, you’re a little mad tonight."
Marie: ”Mad?” (0:39)

Countess Larisch tells Rudolf, "Don’t worry... but the mother is wild with rage." (0:43)

Soldier, referring to Rudolf: "I’ve never seen him that drunk."
Woman: ”Drunk? He’s mad.” (0:45)

Rudolf tells Marie, "You must be mad."
”Haven’t you ever seen a man drunk before?”
”I’m afraid of going mad.” (0:46)

Rudolf tells Marie, "We won’t need to hide any longer, to worry any longer." (0:50)

Rudolf’s mother tells Marie, referring to Rudolf, "I worried about him for years." (0:53)

A woman tells the Countess, "It’s madness." (0:59)

Her mother asks Marie, "Are you mad?" (1:03)

Gunshot off camera (1:12)