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Meet the Browns

Angela Bassett, Sofía Vergara, Tyler Perry, Rick Fox, Jenifer Lewis, Lance Gross, Lamman Rucker, Margaret Avery, Irma P. Hall, Tamela J. Mann
cocaine | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana
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Her friend Cheryl tells Brenda, “I might be able to give you a joint loan.”
Brenda: ”What is a joint loan.”
Cheryl: ”A loan from my joint money.”
Brenda: “You insane.”
”It says my daddy died.” (0:04)

Brenda tells the other workers, referring to Cheryl, “She bipolar... She gotta take medication just to stay right.” (0:06)

Cheryl lights a joint. Brenda: “You know with your chemical imbalance you’re not supposed to do drugs.”
Cheryl, referring to daycare owner Mildred, “She’s crazy.” (0:06)

Brenda asks her son Mike, “Look, do you think I’m crazy?”
”Now, I know them boys is in the dope game.” (0:14)

Mildred asks Brenda, “Girl, do you think I’m crazy?” (0:16)

Brenda: “Cheryl, why are you so crazy?” (0:22)

Vera: “Brown, I want to know what these strangers are doing here during our time of bereavement.” (0:27)

Brenda asks coach/recruiter Harry, “So what, you decided to stalk us?” (0:34)

Harry tells Brenda, “Mr. Brown is crazy.” (0:37)

Memorial service for Mr. Brown. Preacher “We must realize that in this hour of bereavement there is such a word as comfort.” (0:42)

Burial (0:46)

L.B.: “That’s just crazy.” (0:46)

Vera, referring to her father: “Must have been blind, crippled and crazy.” (0:54)

Brenda asks her son Mike, “You gonna sell dope, huh?”
”Boy, are you crazy?”
”No child of mine is gonna sell dope.” (1:06)

Larry tells his daughter Cora, “Our mama done went crazy!” (1:21)

Memorial service for Mr. Brown. (1:35, 1:39)

Larry: “Anybody feel bereaved? Why so many people from the Bereaved family die?”
Man: “I’m bereaved now.”
Larry: ”I don’t know why so many peoples are always dying in the Bereaved family... Every time you read the paper, it say the Bereaved family... ‘cause I looked in... Is she Bereaved? I didn’t even know she was kin of the Bereaved family.” (1:37)

Cora tells Larry, “It’s like cocaine.”
LSD?” (1:40)