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Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Mark Boone Junior, Stephen Tobolowsky, Callum Keith Rennie, Thomas Lennon, Jorja Fox, Harriet Sansom Harris, Marianne Muellerleile
amphetamine | cocaine
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Insurance investigator Leonard Shelby tells Teddy "Oh, you're in a playful mood. It's not good for you to make fun of someone's handicap." (0:03)

Motel clerk Burt guesses that Leonard's condition is "Amnesia."
Leonard: ”I have no short-term memory... Since my injury I can't make new memories.” (0:08)

Leonard finds written on his arm: "drug dealer." (0:14)

By telephone Leonard Charles Teddy, "Yeah, but it's not amnesia. I just can't make new memories... I have a more graceful solution to the memory problem." (0:16)

Leonard, discussing body language: "It really means they're nervous." (0:22)

Leonard tells Teddy, ”Memory is not perfect.”
”Look, memory can change the shape of a room...”
”He took away my... memory.” (0:23)

Leonard, referring to an insurance claimant: "... Sammy can't remember anything for more than a couple of minutes... he can't make any new memories... anything longer than a couple of minutes was too confusing... The crazy part was that this guy... could do the most complicated things... there’s a real condition called anterograde memory loss or short-term memory loss." (0:27)

By telephone Leonard tells Sammy's wife, "... but I find something in my research: conditioning... It's a completely different part of the brain from the short-term memory... so I had doctors test Sammy's response to conditioning... The point was to see if Sammy could learn to avoid the electrified objects, not by memory, but by instinct." (0:31)

Leonard tells Natalie, "It's the kind of memory that you take for granted." (0:34)

Leonard continues the phone conversation with Sammy's wife: "Even with total short-term memory loss Sammy should have learned to instinctively stop picking up the wrong objects... All the previous cases responded to conditioning... It was enough to suggest that his condition was psychological... We turned down the claim on the grounds that he wasn't covered for mental illness... Conditioning didn't work for Sammy... Conditioning. Acting on instinct." (0:39)

Leonard: "I never said that Sammy was faking..."
”... I never said that he was faking...” (0:45)

Leonard: "I don't feel drunk." (0:46, 0:52)

Leonard reads a note: "Access to drugs." (0:53, 0:59)

By telephone, Leonard tell someone, "I was hoping for a little more of the drugs angle."
”Now, the police report mentioned the drugs found in the car outside my house.” (0:56)

Leonard discovers a woman snorting cocaine. (0:58)

Leonard continues by telephone: "There's something about the drugs stashed in the car that doesn't ring true for me, because the police claimed that the guy was an addict needing money to score... he's not going to go breaking into places while he's still got a stash that big... So he's a dealer."
Leonard makes a note: ”drug dealer.” (0:59)

Leonard tattoos the words "drug dealer" on his leg. (1:02)

Sammy's wife tells Leonard, "Mr. Shelby, you know all about Sammy, and you've decided that he's faking."
”Mrs. Jankis, the company's position isn't that Sammy is faking anything...”
Jankis: ”... tell me if you really believe that Sam he's faking his condition.” (1:03)

Teddy asks Leonard, "What, your sense of humor went with the memory?"
Referring to Natalie: ”She's involved with drugs... Her boyfriend's a drug dealer.”
”So in your grief you wandered into a Jaguar dealership.”
Leonard: ”I don't have amnesia.” (1:05)

Natalie tells Leonard, referring to Dodd, "I told him that I didn't have any of Jimmy's money or the drugs..."
”He said if I don't have the drugs by tomorrow, he's going to kill me...” (1:11)

Natalie tells Leonard, "You don't know how you... idiot."
”You... retard... Natalie hates your retarded guts...”
”You know what one of the causes of short-term memory loss is?... Maybe your... wife... turned you into a... retard.” (1:14)

Leonard tells Natalie, "... I had brain damage." (1:20)

Leonard tells Natalie, "I remember my wife dying." (1:22)

Leonard tells Natalie, "I have no short-term memory. It's not amnesia."
Natalie: ”Oh, you're the memory guy.”
Referring to a cop: ”He said he was looking for a guy who couldn't remember anything.”
Leonard: ”Well, you know, chronic alcoholism is one cause of short-term memory loss.”
”I can't make new memories.” (1:24)

By telephone, Leonard tells someone, "It's amazing what a little brain damage will do for your credibility... I never said that he was faking..." (1:26)

Sammy's wife has him administer numerous injections of insulin to her as a test.
Leonard, by telephone: ”She went into a coma and never recovered... His brain didn't respond to conditioning... What drug dealer?” (1:28)

Teddy tells Leonard a cop has been "Giving you a line of crap about John G. being some local drug dealer."
”Leonard, Jimmy's the drug dealer.” (1:31)

Leonard, by telephone, tells a man who says he is a police officer, "So this Jimmy Grants deals drugs out of the bar where his girlfriend works?... I always figured the drugs angle would be the best way to get him." (1:34)

Jimmy asks Leonard, "Expecting any other Jimmy's out here, memory man?" (1:37)

Leonard tells Teddy, "I've got this memory thing."
Teddy: ”Don't worry.”
”A load of amphetamines I told him I had.”
Leonard: ”Is this a drug deal?”
Teddy: ”Conditioning yourself to remember.”
Leonard: ”Sammy let his wife kill herself.”
”I never said that Sammy was faking.”
Teddy: ”I'm the one that helped you find... the guy that cracked your skull...”
”Couple of junkies too strung out to realize your wife didn't live alone.” (1:41)