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Billy Zane, Ann Margret, Dennis Hopper, Tricia Helfer
dimethyltryptamine | melatonin | sertraline
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Researcher Taylor addresses his audience: "As a researcher in the field of memory loss I know how daunting it can be to reach results for patients with Alzheimer's syndrome." (0:02)

Taylor tells his physician friend Deepra, "You know I've got a fifty percent chance of having Alzheimer's." (0:03)

Taylor tells Deepra, "I've never seen cancer attack memory centers so selectively." (0:05)

Taylor's friend Max tells Taylor, referring to Taylor's mother Alicia, "How am I gonna move her stuff if I'm drunk." (0:18)

Deepra tells Taylor, "Concussions can cause memory loss, memory regression..." (0:21)

Taylor mentions to his artist friend Stephanie after she asks about his work, "Alzheimer's syndrome." (0:25)

Deepra tells Taylor, "I found traces of melatonin which is only from the pineal gland." (0:26)

Taylor reads, "The pineal gland also creates DMT, the most powerful hallucinogenic known to science. DMT is often attributed to the out-of-body experiences described in near death situations." (0:28)

Deepra tells Taylor, "Maybe the memory sat dormant in your subconscious." (0:35)

Taylor jokes with family friend Carol about Stephanie: "I stalked her." (0:36)

Max tells Stephanie, Taylor and Carol, referring to his deceased wife, Jenny, "I miss her more than life itself." (0:37)

Deepra tells Taylor and Stephanie the results of chemical analysis of the poweder, "We found traces of dimethyltriptamine."
Taylor: "DMT. It's one of the most powerful hallucinogenics known."
Deepra: "It's thought that it might numb the experience of death."
"This powder's lighting up the same primordial areas, stuff dealing with instincts and long-term memories." (0:58)

Taylor picks up a prescription bottle whose label reads, "Antidepressant ... sertraline." (1:02)

We learn Alicia has died. (1:32)