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Men in Black II

CastTommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Lara Flynn Boyle, Johnny Knoxville, Rosario Dawson, Tony Shalhoub, Rip Torn
Year released2002
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Men in Black | Men in Black 3

Agent J (James Darrel Edwards, III) strikes his head on a steel beam.
Subway Captain Larry Bridgewater:: ”Everybody out before I start knockin’ heads here.” (0:08)

By radio, Agent J asks, "... will somebody please check the expiration date on the unified worm tranquilizers?" (0:11)

Kylothian alien Serleena tells alien Scrad and Charlie, "... wipe your nose, idiot." (0:13)

Agent J neuralizes Agent T. (0:14)

Serleena asks Scrad and Charlie, "You idiots see anything?"
”... It’s here, you idiot.” (0:15)

A guard tells Agent J, "See you neuralized another partner."
Numerous additional references to neuralizing and deneuralizing occur throughout much of the film. (0:17)

Laura Vasquez tells Agent J about, "A two-headed guy with the I.Q. of a cannoli..."
J doesn’t neuralize her. (0:21)

Postman Kevin Brown tells Agent J, "There is a free mental health clinic at the corner of Lilac and East Valley."
Agent J: ”There was no coma...” (0:27)

Agent K (Kevin Brown) punches Agent J on the chin. (0:30)

Scrad faints. (0:34)

Scrad and Charlie tells Serleena, "Memory’s shot, erased." (0:37)

Serleena: "They’re gonna want to get his memory back." (0:39)

Alien pawn shop owner Jack Jeebs tells Agent K, "... if at any point during the ride you become disoriented, there’s nothing we can do about it. "
Jeebs tells Agent J, ”... all those years of loyalty and trust...” (0:39)

Agent J tells Agent K, "So, you got your memory back."
”If your memory’s back...” (0:44)

Chief Zed kicks Serleena in the face, then she kicks him. (0:46)

Agent K tells Agent J, "This attitude of yours makes for a very stressful working environment."
Agent J: ”... stressful work environment is what we’ve got back at MIB right now.” (0:47)

Laura hits Agent J on the head with a tray. (0:48)

Agent J bumps his head.
Alien: ”Zed’s wormophobic.” (0:50)

Agent J tells Agent K, "You neuralized away any memory of the light..."
Agent K: ”I like to keep my enemies confused.”
Agent J: ”We’re all confused, K.” (0:52)

Video shop manager Newton asks the clerk, "Still think I’m paranoid?" (0:55)

Newton’s mother Kay asks Agent K, "Are you one of Newton’s friends from group therapy?" (0:59)

Agent K tells Agent J, "You got emotionally involved."
”I put the entire planet in danger because I got emotionally involved...” (1:01)

Agent K tells a family, "Don’t worry about a thing, folks..." (1:02)

Laura tells Agent J, "He... cracked you on the head..." (1:09)

Serleena: "Idiots." (1:12)

Agent J: "Jeff, I am so not in the mood for you." (1:16)

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