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Mental (2012)

Liev Schreiber, Toni Collette, Caroline Goodall, Anthony LaPaglia, Kerry Fox, Deborah Mailman, Rebecca Gibney, Lily Sullivan, Sam Clark, Nicole Freeman, Bethany Whitmore
Prozac | fluoxetine | clozapine | Rosemary Kennedy
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Coral: “At thirteen I attempted suicide and jumped off the veranda.”
Coral jumps from a balcony and lands on her mayor father Barry’s car.
Coral’s sister Leanne, referring to their mother Shirley: “Off her head.”
Coral: ”I can’t do anything. I’m mad too. I’m bipolar. Maybe even schizophrenic.”
Sister Kayleen tells sister Jane, ”Quick, Google ‘schizophrenic.’”
Coral: ”I have mood swings, high to moderate depression, and I think people are plotting against me!”
Leanne: ”The only thing wrong with you Coral is you can’t stand if someone’s more mental than you.”
Jane: ”Well Mum’s way more mental than you.” (0:03)

Leanne: ”We’re more mental than you.”
Kayleen: “I’m a sociopath, and Leanne’s autistic.”
Leanne: ”Even Michelle’s more mental than you.”
Kayleen: ”She hears voices.” (0:04)

Coral reads from a chapter entitled “Schizophrenia” to her lifeguard friend: “While most schizophrenics hear voices... Some may briefly stabilize at a pre-psychotic level, presenting without delusions and hallucinations. I’m pre-psychotic. Hey, Trout. I’m pre-psychotic.” (0:08)

Shirley tells Auntie Doris, “I feel like I don’t exist.” (0:14)

MIchelle sees hallucinations of aliens walking toward her. (0:15)

Coral tells her father Barry, “Like a psychiatrist.”
Leanne: “Dad, I’m autistic.”
Kayleen: “I’m a sociopath.”
Coral: “I’m pre-psychotic.”
”Michelle hears voices.”
Barry: “There are no psychiatrists in Dolphin Heads anywhere but the loony bin and the only person in this family going to the loony bin is your mother.”
Kayleen: “Boys have breakdowns, Dad.”
Barry: “No one is going mental.” (0:18)

Barry tells Jack by telephone: “I’m going mental.” (0:19)

Kayleen tells Barry by telephone: “Dad... I’m a sociopath.” (0:20)

Jane tells “nanny” Shaz, “She’s mental. We all are.” (0:22)

Jane tells Coral, referring to Shaz, “Her dog’s crazy!? (0:23)

Shaz smokes a glass pipe. (0:23)

Nancy scrubs her driveway with a toothbrush. The girls take drug paraphernalia from Shaz’s pocketbook.”
Coral looks at a book: “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Edition, Revised
Michelle: “Maybe she’s a psychiatrist like we wished for.” (0:25)

Nancy tells Shaz, “Of course those girls are enough to drive anyone around the bend...” (0:26)

Leanne: “You’re such an idiot.” (0:28)

Shaz tells Doris, referring to her dog Ripper, “... he’s checking to see if you’re a sex pervert... and ripper can sniff out a psycho at 10 paces... You’re not a sex pervert are you?”
”I’m gonna freak out.” (0:31)

Shark hunter Trevor tells Coral, referring to Trout, “All instinct, no feeling.”
Coral: “I’m quitting my job ‘cause I think you’re mental.”
Trevor: ”Mental is a shark.”
Coral: “I expect to be schizophrenic any day now.”
Trevor: “I’ve been in a lunatic asylum. Five years ago after me daughter died, me wife lost her mind. I’ve battled insanity, and it’s a shark.” (0:36)

Trevor tells “Madness is when you see e’m. Sanity. Insanity. Don’t dream of madness, Coral. When madness gets you, there’s no ‘you’ left. Just madness.”
Coral: ”I tried to kill myself when I was thirteen by jumping off the veranda... and my mum’s in the loony bin...” (0:38)

Psychiatric hospital. (0:39)

Shaz asks patient Sandra, “What’re you doing here you mad boong?”
Sandra: “They reckon I’ve got borderline personality disorder. Borderline... personality.”
”bit of a committal...”
”Shirley: Are you one of Dr. Thornbender’s patients as well?”
Shaz: “The problem with you two is you let people say you’re crazy. You’re only as crazy as you let people say you are. I don’t let anyone say I’m crazy, so I’m normal. You, you let everyone say you’re crazy, so you’re in here.”
”Are you crazy?”
”There’s ways of coping that don’t involve loony bins and drugs.” (0:41)

Michelle hallucinates. (0:43)

Shaz tells the girls, “None of youse are mental, except you, Michelle. You’re bonkers.”
Jane: “But if we’re not mental, we’re just unpopular.”
“I’ll show you the meaning of the word ‘mental’.”(0:46)

Coral reads from DSM-III-R: “‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.’”
Shaz: “See that delusional over there?”
”Upset the delicate balance of their fantasy world, they go nuts.”
Coral: But they can’t all be mental.” (0:47)

Shaz: “Well... where have they always sent the loonies?... We were a lunatic asylum. Our ancestors were loonies, and this is the result... They’re just different shades of mental. Your totally mental are in the lunatic asylums. The rest of ‘em, the delusionals, borderlines, compulsives, paranoids, schizoids, make up Australia as we know it. We’re nothing but a living experiment in madness under constant observation by the psychiatric community of the world “
Leanne: ”But if we’re all under observation and mental, how come we’re allowed to leave?”
Shaz: “I instinctively do not know it.”
”I can see the ones... born without the instinct to conformity.”
Shaz tells waitresses Manda and Kay, referring to Shirley, “She’s in a mental institution. She had a nervous breakdown.”
Manda: “If she’s gone crazy, it won’t be Dolphin Heads.”
Shaz opens her DSM-III-R.
Manda reads: “Sadistic Personality Disorder.”
Shaz: “A little career advice, psychos.” (0:48)

Shaz tells the girls, “They’re crazy, and we’re not.” (0:52)

Sandra tells neighbor Nancy, “G’day, Sandra McDonald, a Goorie from Bundjalung Nation via Dolphin Heads lunatic asylum.” (0:56)

Shaz: “It’s an intervention. Nance, you’re an obsessive-compulsive disorder... You can have Donna here acting like a nut with a nipple... ”
Shaz tells Jane, referring to Nancy, “It’s good therapy for her.”
”Fight your pathology!”
”Break free of your delusions, Nance! Unleash... them repressed impulses!”
Sandra: “She’s gone mental.” (0:58)

Coral: “The instinct of conformity.”
”So neurotypical.” (1:00)

Trout asks Coral, “Does neurotypical mean, like, boring?” (1:01)

Barry: “Nobody panic.” (1:05)

Barry tells a psychiatrist by telephone, referring to Michelle: “She’s hearing voices, Ian, telling her to kill herself and that.”
Barry tells his daughters he is ”Mayor of nothing... with an insane wife and five mental daughters.”
Leanne tells Barry, referring to Rose Kennedy, “There were girls, too, and one of them was mental and they put her away.” (1:12)

Shirley joins Shaz and Shirley’s sister Doris in the hospital day room.
Doris tells Shirley, “... Mum loved you more than she loved me.” Sibling subsystem triangle?
Leanne: “And noxious Nance went mental, didn’t she Shaz?”
Shaz: “High-dependency ward, Shirley. The quiet room.”
Leanne, referring to Sandra: “Donna ran off with a borderline lesbian Aboriginal.”
”So Sandra called her doctors and had Nance certified.”
Michelle: “I’m a schizophrenic.”
Jane: “Michelle’s a schizophrenic and Coral’s not. Dad got a psychiatrist.”
Barry: “He’s the one... gave me clozapine. As long as Michelle keeps taking that, she’s going to be fine.” (1:16)

Trevor asks Trout, “Instinct of conformity?... Where is the mad bitch?” (1:22)

Barry tell Shirley, referring to Shaz: “She’s nuts.” (1:23)

Coral tells Shaz, referring to Shaz and Trevor’s daughter Grace, “She was a drug addict.”
Shaz: “Grace weren’t on drugs and she didn’t drown. She got took by a shark.”
Coral, referring to Trevor: “He says if you go near him, he’ll put you away again.”
“But at least we’re not crazy.”Coral tells Shaz, ”You hear voices.” (1:23)

Trevor tells Shirley and the girls, referring to Shaz, “... or she’ll kill herself.”
Trevor tells Coral, “A little girl once told me she jumped off a veranda ‘cause she didn’t like the look of her own face... Grief... Maybe she’d cut her throat, too... or her wrists, or try to hang herself in the bathroom...” (1:30)

Shirley tells Jack, “I was in a mental hospital.”
Jack: “... crazy.” (1:32)

Shirley and the girls arrive at the psychiatric hospital. She tells the clerk, “I used to be a patient here... I’m fine now, thanks to you and Prozac, of course.”
Shirley, referring to Shaz: “Once she’s safe I’ll turn myself in and plead insanity.”
Sandra: “You’ve gone mad.”
Nurse: “How you feeling, Nance? A little zonked? I’m not surprised. We’ve put 1,200 volts through your head.”
Sandra, referring to Nancy: “She’s gone mental again.” (1:35)

Shaz and Trevor talk about the loss of Grace. Shaz tells Trevor, “She calls me. You hear her too.”
Trevor tells Shaz, “You... mad bitch.” (1:41)

His coworker asks Barry, “Have you lost your mind?” (1:46)

How many kinds of relationship triangles can you find in these families? Interlocking triangles?