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Merci Pour Le Chocolat

Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Dutronc, Anna Mouglalis, Rodolphe Pauly, Brigitte Catillon, Michel Robin, Mathieu Simonet, Lydia Andrei
beta endorphin | ethyl alcohol | flunitrazepam | Rohypnol | ginger | coffee
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Pianist André, referring to his father-in-law: “He was obsessed by his chocolates.” (0:01)

Wedding guest, referring to André, “You can tell he’s in mourning.” (0:03)

André tells Jeanne,”You’re out of your mind.”
”Some idiot of a nurse...” (0:16)

His son Guillaume tells André, referring to Guillaume’s mother Lisbeth, “It wasn’t suicide, you know.” (0:20)

Jeanne: “What an idiot.” (0:22)

By telephone her lab technician lover Axel tells Jeanne, “Plenty of benzodiazepine.”
”It helps you sleep.”
”You’d need one hell of a dose.”
”Benzodiazepine. You know what Rohypnol is, the rape drug... dissolves in alcohol. You rape her, and she can’t remember a thing afterwards...” (0:29)

Book: “Clinical Pharmacology.”
Jeanne: “Benzodiazepine.” (0:31)

Board member Dufreigne: “I know that chocolate secretes endorphins.” (0:33)

Mika tells maid Marguerite, “I’ll make the Aztec’s chocolate with... ginger...” (0:44)

Jeanne tells Guillaume, “Your chocolate was drugged yesterday.”
Guillaume: “You’re crazy.”
”This is crazy.”
”You really are crazy.”
”You’re trying to say she drugged it? She drugged my chocolate... You’re out of your mind.”
”They found sleeping pills and alcohol.”
”Then we realized that dad was out of sleeping pills... He’s hooked on them.”
Jeanne, referring to Lisbeth, “Was she taking sleeping pills too?” (0:48)

André tells his new wife Mika, referring to Jeanne, “She could, without the bad habits that her idiotic teachers have given her.”
Mika: ”Tomorrow, if you take your sleeping pill afterwards.” (0:52)

Jeanne’s forensic pathologist mother Louise tells Jeanne, referring to Louise’s husband, “He didn’t want people thinking he was impotent...” (1:02)

Mika gives Guillaume “analgesic cream.” (1:14)

André asks Mika, “Can I have my Rohypnol?”
”My Rohypnol.”
Mika: ”I even forgot the prescription.”
Jeanne: “There’s a prescription?”
Jeanne asks André, ”You take Rohypnol?” (1:21)

Mika tells André, referring to Lisbeth, “I only put Rohypnol in her cognac.”
”I put Rohypnol in the coffee.” (1:55)