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The Mermaid Chair

Kim Basinger, Alex Carter, Bruce Greenwood, Roberta Maxwell, Debra Mooney, Lorena Gale, Ellie Harvie, Ken Pogue, Victoria Anderson
Vincent van Gogh
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Spoiler alert!
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Artist Jessie as narrator: “Kat’s daughter Benne was mentally challenged...”

Benne, reading dog Max’s thoughts: ”Why do you assume I want to fetch your idiotic stick.” (0:03)

Restaurant owner Kat tells Jessie, ”... your mother went to the monastery kitchen and cut off her finger on purpose. The doctors think it might be sleep deprivation.”
Jessie: “My God, she’s going insane.”
Kat, referring to Van Gogh, “Do you think he was insane?”
Jessie: ”He cut off his ear.” (0:05)

Her daughter Dee tells Jessie, referring to Dee’s father, “He’s a shrink.” (0:12)

Nelle tells Jessie, “I know you think what I did was crazy.”
Jessie: “Was it a voice that told you to do this?” (0:16)

Jessie: "Hepzibah, You saw how my mom was after my dad died. She changed completely. She became obsessed with religion...” (0:22)

Monk Whit tells Jessie, “A truck slammed into the car that my wife was driving.”
”Everyone thinks that I came here out of grief...” (0:28)

Kat tells Jessie, “It’s a depressing little picture.” (0:30)

Jessie asks Whit, “What about those crazy few who take him literally?” (0:48)

Jessie: “While she struggled with madness I had been engrossed elsewhere.”
Jessie tells Hugh, ”I thought she was getting better, and I know this will sound crazy...”
Jessie's psychiatrist husband Hugh: ”Well, you know, obsessions like this can be ego-dystonic.” (1:01)

Hugh tells Jessie, “These are the commitment papers for you to sign.” (1:03)

Father Dominic, referring to Nelle: “She has mutilated herself again. Her daughter Jessie is with her, as is Jessie’s husband, a psychiatrist...” (1:04)

Jessie tells Hugh, referring to Nelle, “She’s crazy.” (1:07)

Nelle in the psychiatric hospital day room. (1:11)

A patient in a psychotherapy session tells Hugh, referring to her dog, “He was just 18 when he died.” (1:12)

Jessie: “My mother put on her best impression of sanity, and they released her after only a week.” (1:13)

Nelle tells Jessie, “Your father, he was ill... Pick’s Disease.” (1:14)

Jessie’s father Joe drinks poison provided by Hepzibah. (1:17)

Nelle tells Jessie, “He said his dying would be hard on you, but living with his suicide would be a thousand times worse.” (1:18)