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The Messenger (2009)

Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, Samantha Morton, Steve Buscemi, Jena Malone, Eamonn Walker, Yaya Alafia, Peter Francis James, Lisa Joyce
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Army Sgt Will tells Army Col. Dorsett, "Sir... I've never received any grief counseling..."
Dorsett: "... soldiers go on a notification and break into a stutter. Men so nervous they read from a script..." (0:07)

Army Capt. Tony asks Will, "Are you a head case?"
"I get a... lunatic commanding officer to surf a... ocean of grief." (0:10)

Next of kin overcome by grief when Tony and Will notify her of her son's death in combat. (0:17)

Tony tells Will, "I'm in AA if you're asking. Been sober three years." (0:19)

Tony tells Will in a telephone conversation, "Since I stopped drinking..." (0:24)

Notifications. (0:27, 0:35, 0:49, 0:55, 1:14)

Will tells Tony, "My mom's a nut." (0:41)

Will tells widow Olivia, "I was getting a prescription..." (0:44)

Tony tells Will, "She's a real head case." (0:48)

Recently returned soldier in a bar talks about another soldier: "He's getting real depressed." (0:51)

Will's friend Kelly's voice mail message for Will: "I'm crazy." (0:58)

Army widow Olivia tells Will, "Anybody looking at us right now would say that you're a low-life trying to take advantage of my grief and that I'm... not really grieving. You ever lose anybody?"
Will: "My father, a drunk driver."
"My father was the drunk driver." (1:03)

Olivia tells Will, referring to her husband's shirt, "It smelled of rage..." She talks about her grief. (1:08)

Tony appears to relapse with beer. (1:21)

Tony tells Will, "Some soldier gets drunk."
"Today is not the day that I got off the wagon." (1:23)

Tony tells Kelly's fiance Alan, "I was just about to sober up." (1:27)

Tony, hungover, tells Will, "I've gotta call my sponsor."
Tony, referring to Dorsett: "He got me sober." (1:31)

Will tells Tony how he contemplated suicide.
Tony: "Why didn't you jump?"
Will: "Sun came up, and I didn't feel like dying anymore." (1:41)