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Midnight Express

CastBrad Davis, Irene Miracle, Bo Hopkins, Paolo Bonacelli, Paul L. Smith, Randy Quaid, Norbert Weisser, John Hurt, Mike Kellin, Franco Diogene, Michael Ensign, Gigi Ballista
Year released1978
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Packaging hashish
College student Billy tapes packages around his abdomen.(0:01)

His friend Susan asks Billy, "Nervous?" (0:03)

Susan tells Billy, "Janis Joplin died yesterday."
Newspaper: "Janis Joplin, Rock Star, Dies at 27; Drug Overdose Found" (0:06)

Interpreter Tex asks Billy, "Where did you get the hashish?" (0:14)

Tex tells Billy, "People kicking up a shit storm about the flow of heroin from Turkey."
Billy: "I didn't have heroin."
"A drug's a drug..."
"It shows the world they're fighting the drug trade."
Billy: "I'm not a pusher." (0:15)

Billy sits next to a hookah. (0:17)

Billy tells prisoners Jimmy and Erch, "You gotta be crazy."
Jimmy: "Yeah, we're all crazy here."
"Smoke some of this... It'll cool the pain." (0:26)

Jimmy, referring to Rifki: "He sells... hash... Nembutals... What you in for, hash?" (0:28)

Erich tells Billy he's in for "Hashish. 90% of the foreigners are in for hashish." (0:29)

Closeup of Max's arm with track marks
Closeup of paraphernalia
Max: "Gastro... It's got codeine in it." (0:30)

Billy writes to Susan: "So is homosexuality... I know it must all sound crazy to you, but this place is crazy." (0:45)

Billy tells prisoner Rifki, "You rip us off on the hash." (0:49)

Max tells Jimmy, "You must be... crazy." (0:57)

Chief guard Hamidou opens a match box and says, “Hashish.” (1:29)

Title: “Section 13, for the criminally insane.”
Inmates behave erratically. (1:32)

Billy tells Hamidou, “You’re not taking me to the sanitarium. You’re not taking me to the sanitarium.“ (1:51)

References in Rue MandarWho's Your Monkey

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