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The Mighty (1998)

Sharon Stone, James Gandolfini, Kieran Culkin, Harry Dean Stanton, Gillian Anderson, Gena Rowlands, Elden Henson
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Student Max: "The other was LD... learning disabled, which was a nice of saying reading for dummies -- like me." (0:11)

Max's student friend Kevin (who suffers from Morquio's syndrome) tells Max, referring to Gwen, "My mom doesn't like fireworks. She doesn't like crowds." (0:15)

Max's grandfather Grim tells his grandmother Gram, referring to Max, "What this man needs is a cup of coffee, real coffee." (0:25)

Max tells his father's old friend Loretta, "You're drunk lady."

Loretta's friend Iggy tells her, "Woman, you are drunk."
Loretta asks Max, "What'd the paper call you? Mute boy... poor little mute boy..." (0:38)

Gwen tells her son, "Oh if you want to kill yourself in gym class Kevin..." (0:46)

Gram tells Grim, referring to Max's mother, "Our Annie's gone." (0:50)

Max: "Once on TV this dude hypnotized a lobster." (1:03)

Gram tells Max that Kevin has died. He is grief stricken. (1:24)