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Mighty Fine

Chazz Palminteri, Andie MacDowell, Jodelle Ferland, Rainey Qualley, Paul Ben-Victor, Arthur J. Nascarella, Richard Kohnke, Kent Jude Bernard
Spoiler alert
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Grown up Natalie as narrator, “Every family has its secrets. For us it was my father’s rage.” (0:21)

Natalie tells Stella, “Mom, the best writers are tortured alcoholics.” (0:25)

Her father Joe tells Natalie, “Stop the hysteria...” (0:40)

Natalie tells her older sister Maddie, “I tried to stop him, but you know how nuts he gets...” (0:41)

Paralysed with anxiety Natalie cannot read her poem to the judges. Performance anxiety? (0:42)

Joe tells Stella, “I’m not talking to no headshrinker. Are you crazy?” (0:47)

Joe tells Stella, referring to his father, “He... punched me in the face. Knocked me out.” (0:48)

Dr. Tessler tells Joe, “So Stella tells me that you’re under quite a bit of stress.”
Joe: “She’s very, like, anxious, nervous.”
Tessler: “I didn't know she was that anxious.”
Joe: “... no different than any other guy that’s got stress at work.”
Tessler tells the rest of Joe’s family there is “... no sign of depression.” Would Tessler have come to a different consclusion had he met with the entire family? (0:50)

By telephone Joe tells his business partner Lenny, “We both got crazy, right.”
”We both got nuts.” (0:56)

Maddie’s boyfriend Earl: “Your dad’s... crazy.”
Louis: “You crazy kike.” (0:59)

Joe holds a pistol to his chin. We hear a shot off camera. The girls find their father unharmed. (1:05)

Maddie asks Stella, “Does someone in this family have to kill themselves before you can finally see what's been going on here?” (1:06)

Stella tells two policemen, referring to Joe, “He tried to kill himself.” (1:08)

Natalie reads her poem: “A blister on sanity’s bright complexion.” (1:12)

Joe in the psychiatric hospital. (1:13)