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Mildred Pierce

Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott, Eve Arden, Ann Blyth, Lee Patrick, Bruce Bennett, Moroni Olsen, Jo Ann Marlowe, Butterfly McQueen
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A policeman stops restaurateur Mildred from jumping into the surf from a pier: “Just because you feel like bumpin’ yourself off, I gotta get pneumonia.” (0:03)

Mildred asks her husband’s ex-partner, “Nervous, Wally?”
Wally: ”It’s an instinct.” (0:06)

Her unemployed husband Bert criticizes Mildred’s parenting. (0:23)

Bert tells restaurateur Mildred, “I’ve been nearly nuts.” (0:53)

The family grieves after Mildred and Bert’s daughter Kay dies. (0:56)

Her business manager Ida tells Mildred, “Probably have a nervous breakdown.” (0:58)

Ida tells Mildred, referring to men, “I never yet met one of them that didn’t have the instincts of a heel.”
”I’m slightly drunk.” (1:26)

Playboy Monte tells Mildred, “You’d be out of your mind.” (1:33)

Reference in Mommie Dearest