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The Millionairess

Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers, Alastair Sim
Sigmund Freud
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Heiress Epifania jumps off a bridge intent on killing herself: "I'm not swimming. I'm committing suicide. Do you hear me? I'm killing myself." (0:08)

Epifania tells solicitor Julius, "Say that my husband's infidelity drove me to kill myself."
"Arrange an infallible way for me to committ suicide."
Julius, handing Epifania a piece of paper: "For the suicide. Tell the chemist that the cyanide is for a wasp's nest... One sip will kill you..."
"So you expect me to kill myself merely to make money for you." (0:10)

Epifania meets psychiatrist Adrian who negotiates a commission with Julius.
Adrian, after asking Epifania to lie on the couch: "I want you to tell me first exactly what comes into your mind."
"There's no need to feel guilt..."
Epifania: "You are so sympathetic... so understanding."
Adrian: "With you it is a pleasure." (0:17)

Adrian reports on the treatment to Julius.
Julius:  You mean to say that you've already got her out of her Oedipus complex, her father fixation...?"
"Not until you've replaced her father's image with your own."
Adrian: "Perfectly Freudian."
"I must break down her dependency on this nostalgia... (0:20)

Adrian tells Epifania, "Throughout your analysis... throughout your analysis... throughout your analysis..."
"You are suffering from a most acute father fixation..."
When he tries to kiss her Epifania first throws Adrian to the ground then into the water. Transference? (0:22)

Dr. Ahmed tells Epifania, "You are a psychological curiosity madam." (0:41)

Dr. Ahmed  tells Epifania, "I have a mother fixation." (0:48)

Dr. Ahmed, believing Epifania intends to jump to her death, tells her to stop. Fearful as he looks over the edge he tells her, "I can't stand heights." (1:23)

The Millionairess (1972)