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Miracle Mile

Anthony Edwards, Mare Winningham, John Agar, Lou Hancock, Mykelti Williamson, Kelly Jo Minter, Kurt Fuller, Denise Crosby, Robert DoQui, O-Lan Jones, Claude Earl Jones, Alan Rosenberg, Danny De La Paz, Earl Boen, Diane Delano
Joyce Brothers | amphetamine | diazepam | Valium
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Prescription bottle: “Valium” (0:14)

On his television, trombonist Harry sees the title “Bird of Paradise.” (0:15)

Transvestite Roger at the coffee shop: ”There’s lots of good actors in this town with insomnia...”
Cook Fred asks Harry: “Are you drunk?”
Harlan: “Leave him alone Fred. He’s just drunk.”
Crazy.” (0:26)

Waitress Susie asks a man, “What about Joyce Brothers?”
He mocks her: ”... Joyce Brothers.” (0:34)

By telephone Harry tells Ivan, “This is gonna sound crazy, but...” (0:41)

Thief Wilson tells the taxi dispatcher, referring to Harry, “This guy’s crazy...” (0:41)

Lucy tells Harry, referring to her waitress granddaughter Julie, “She took a Valium. Oh, you could give her one of these diet pills, some kind of speed in ‘em...” (0:48)