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Miracle in the Rain

Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Peggie Castle, Barbara Nichols, Alan King, Arte Johnson, George Givot, Marcel Dalio
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Soldier Art tells secretary Ruth, referring to his parents, “I was too little to remember them when they drowned.” (0:13)

Art tells Ruth, “Hey, here’s an old one Aunt Sarah used to favor when she was in her cups.” (0:17)

Art tells Ruth and her secretary friend Grace, “In a crisis, my memory always turns into a sieve.” (0:25)

Art tells Ruth and her secretary friend Grace, referring to the maître d', “He’s kind of a crazy fellow...” (0:28)

Ruth tells Art, referring to her mother Agnes, “Nobody knows this except Mrs. Hamer and the doctor, but she tried to kill herself.” (0:36)

Ruth receives a letter telling her that Art was killed in combat. (1:08)

Ruth’s pianist father Harry tells his bartender friend Andy, referring to Harry’s girlfriend Valerie, “She got nervous when it turned out I wasn’t a genius.” (1:25)

Ruth sees and hears Art returning to her. (1:40)

Reference in Far from Heaven