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James Caan, Kathy Bates
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Nurse Annie tells writer Paul, referring to capsules, "They're called Novril. They’re for your pain." (0:08)

Annie: "I'll get you your Novril, Paul."
”Paul: I know it sounds crazy...” (0:15)

Paul tells Annie,"My daughter's got to be going nuts." (0:22)

Annie tells Paul, "For a while I thought I might go crazy." (0:26)

Annie rages. (0:28)

Annie tells Paul, "Here’s your Novril." (0:39)

Paul, referring to Annie, "Crazy bitch." (0:49)

Annie tells Paul what she shouted to the movie audience: "Have you all got amnesia?" (1:01)

Annie tells Paul, referring to his writing, "When Ian realized that the reason they buried Misery alive was because the bee sting had put her in that temporary coma."
”Will she be her old self... or will she have amnesia?” (1:03)

Annie tells Paul, "The rain. Sometimes it gives me the blues." (1:11)

Annie injects Paul’s arm. (1:19)

Annie restrains Paul in his bed. (1:20)

Annie injects Paul. (1:27)

And he tells Paul, "I put two bullets in my gun, one for you and one for me." (1:34)

Paul tells his agent Marcia, "Don't think I'm completely nuts..." (1:43)

Reference in Beautiful Girls