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The Misfortunates

CastKenneth Vanbaeden, Valentijn Dhaenens, Koen De Graeve, Wouter Hendrickx, Johan Heldenbergh, Bert Haelvoet, Gilda De Bal, Natali Broods, Pauline Grossen, Jos Geens, Sara De Bosschere
Year released2009
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Future author Gunther survives two prior generations of alcoholism (among other problems). What might prevent him from passing on the fallout to his son, whom we see at the end. Would you identify Celle as a rageaholic?

Gunther's father and uncles attend a party "dressed as women." (0:02)

Gunther's father  letter carrier Celle asks Gunther, "A bit drunk, eh?" (0:28)

Gunther tells Celle, "They say... you're a drunk." (0:30)

Gunther: "My father was a social drinker..." (0:34)

Gunther comments as we see his grandmother visit the grave of his grandfather Maurice: "The legendary boozer... after drinking himself to death..." (0:43)

Gunther calls hung over Celle's employer to get him excused from work. Enabling? (0:48)

Bed ridden Celle shakes from alcohol withdrawal. (1:03)

Celle tells his mother, referring to Gunther, "If they take him away, I'll kill myself." (1:06)

Gunther referring to Celle: "He... phoned the rehab clinic." (1:08)

Gunther visits Celle's grave then rages. (1:12)

Gunther: "Dad was trying to kick his addiction." (1:15)

Gunther his uncle Beefcake "designed his own alcoholic race... wanted to be the most accomplished boozer." (1:16)

Celle tells Gunther, "If I'm completely sober I can come home for good." (1:24)

Adult Gunther in drag. (1:26)

Gunther, referring to his grandmother, tells his uncle Petrol, "She's got dementia." (1:32)

Petrol tells Gunther, "You're not drunk enough. You need to be drunk..." (1:34)

Gunther, referring to his grandmother: "Maybe she was fed up with always being told she'd forgotten everything, that she was always wrong, that she could no longer tell her children from her grandchildren, or even her great-grandchildren." (1:35)

Gunther's uncle Koen tells Celle, "... you spent three months in that psychiatric clinic."
Celle: "I've got to be back there... sober. Want me to turn up there drunk?" (1:37)

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