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Modern Times

Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman
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The factory worker, appearing at least mildly euphoric, becomes frantic. Another factory worker says, "He's crazy." Mania? (0:13)

Title reads "Cured of nervous breakdown but without a job, he leaves the hospital to start life anew." (0:17)

Title reads "Searching for smuggled 'nose powder'" Another inmate surreptitiously pours a white powder (cocaine?) into a salt shaker. The factory worker, now an inmate himself, and having consumed the white powder inadvertently, behaves erratically, suggestive of an automaton. With suddenly attained fighting prowess he subdues other inmates. (0:24)

The street urchin finds her father dead in the street. (0:28)

The factory worker, having unintentionally consumed a large quantity of rum, manifests ataxia and other signs of alcohol intoxication. (0:49)

Reference in Joker