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Elisabeth Shue, Aaron Eckhart, Jill Hennessy, Thomas Jane, D.W. Moffett, Elizabeth Mitchell, Robert Harper, Elaine Hendrix
phenytoin | lorazepam
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Advertising executive Buck tells resident Domingo, "Yeah, this place is really depressing." (0:01)

Dr. Prentice tells Buck, referring to Buck's sister Molly, "The way she relates to certain people, even on an emotional level, suggests mental retardation. In other respects she's autistic... She even has minor savant-like talents."
"You need to remember that like many autistic people Molly has very acute hearing." (0:03)

Dr. Prentice tells Buck, referring to aid Sam, "He has a severe learning disability." (0:05)

Buck tells his friend Mark, referring to Molly, "She knows I'm going stir crazy." (0:17)

Sam tells Buck, "I have a learning disability." (0:20)

Molly undergoes brain surgery. (0:22)

Dr. Brookes orders "Lorazepam, phenytoin..." (0:24)

Molly mimics Buck. (0:26)

Buck discovers that Molly has tied dozens of bows. Perseveration? (0:34)

Buck and Molly wander through a cemetery then visit the grave of their parents. (0:38)

Another baseball fan asks Molly, "What, are you some kind of retard?"
Molly: "I'm an irregular retard."
"A wise-ass retard."
Molly tells Buck, "I'm having a disagreement with that wise-ass retard." (0:42)

Sam tells Dr. Brooks he feels "Just a little anxious." (0:53)

Mark: "If everybody screamed when they wanted to, the whole world would be a madhouse." (1:00)

Buck tells the doctors, "This is crazy." (1:10)

Dr. Brookes tells Buck where Molly will be moving: "It's sort of a halfway house." (1:20)