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Mondo Cane

Rossano Brazzi, Stefano Sibaldi
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Narrator: “... the general mood is rather gay...”
”Unfortunately, the Trobriand man, when overtaken by panic, is also apt invariably to climb up something.” (0:08)

Narrator, referring to a tribe in New Guinea: “Many of these men have eaten human flesh...”
”Perhaps playing football is an instinct as old as hunger.” (0:13)

Narrator: “The turtle, in one last delusion, thinks she has finally returned to swim in the sea.” (0:48)

Narrator: “The natives of the Malaysian archipelago bury their dead in this immense underwater cemetery.” (0:49)

Narrator, referring to shark fins: “They’ll sell them to the rich Chinese communities inland, where it is believed they have aphrodisiac powers.” (0:50)

Narrator: “In the roman cemetery of the Capuchini friars, today a museum, death was given a decorative task.” (0:55)

Heavy drinking, intoxication (0:58)

Funeral ceremony in China (1:08)

Narrator, referring to a Gurkha: “After his daily six hours of practice with the white man’s weapons, Sergeant Rhuba Narcktitle lets himself be dressed as a woman." (1:28)

Narrator, referring to a tribe in New Guinea: “Everything follows unchanging instincts...” (1:39)

Reference in Fail-Safe

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