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Monkey Business

Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn, Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Marlowe, Henri Letondal, Robert Cornthwaite, Larry Keating, Douglas Spencer, Esther Dale, George Winslow
Cary Grant
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Chemist Barnaby tells executive Oliver, "It implies that we're going to offer the public some sort of fountain of youth drug." (0:13)

Laboratory assistant Jerome asks Barnaby, referring to chimpanzee Rudolph (actually Esther), "Have you been giving him stimulants?" (0:16)

Barnaby tells Jerome, "It's a sensation of extreme well-being." He displays many of the signs of mania including rapid speech and seemingly boundless energy." (0:26)

Barnaby's wife Edwina displays signs of mania such as increased energy then irritability and combativeness. (0:45)

Edwina becomes giddy, takes risks and displays parents of increased libido. (0:47)

Edwina cries, displaying labile affect than irritability which turns into rage. (0:54)

Barnaby asks Edwina to explain, "Well, some subconscious aversion to me."
Edwina: "Aversion to you?"
Barnaby: "How do I know there isn't some buried resentment that you don't consciously realize?"
Edwina: "Well, I certainly don't consciously realize it..."
"And may I ask, what was your hidden aversion, or subconscious discontent..." (1:04)

Barnaby tells Edwina, "Supposing you'd taken an overdose?"
"No, I mean a serious overdose."
Edwina becomes giddy again and begins to act silly. (1:07)

Oliver tells the board of directors, "We are now dealing with a sane and adult scientists..."
Edwina and Barnaby display reduced attention span and childlike behavior. (1:10)

Oliver and the research team display childish behavior. (1:32)

Reference in 12 Monkeys