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CastJo Woodcock, Cosmo Jarvis, Lee Boardman
Year released2017
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Roger Daniels tells his assistant and lover Giles Becks, "You’ve no drive, no backbone, no integrity..." (0:07)

Psychologist Randall Grey tells British Crime Agency Director Martha Walker, "Synesthesia: stimulation in one sense involuntarily activates another."
”His senses mix up. He can hear color and see sound. He also has spatial sequence synesthesia.”
Walker: ”... employ a freak to catch a lunatic?”
Wilson: ”Synesthesia.”
”He does seem to have issues with OCD.”
Walker: ”Can you give him medication?”
Wilson: ”I’m a criminal psychologist, not a psychiatrist. I don’t prescribe medication...” (0:17)

Gabriel Lenard asks Randall, "What’s the investigative psychology unit?"
Randall: ”The Behavioral Analysis Unit at Quantico...” (0:22)

Roger tells Emma, "I need to focus. I can’t be worried about you wandering off." (0:23)

Roger injects himself with insulin. (0:26)

Gabriel asks Walker, "So, how did you fund the psychology department?" (0:28)

Randall tells Gabriel, "Suicide has not been ruled out..."
Gabriel, referring to local police: ”As far as they’re concerned, he either died from lack of medication or committed suicide by taking too much.” (0:29)

Emma tells Roger, "Well, it’s a good job I’ve prepared your medication then."
Roger: ”Can I have my injection?”
Emma: ”You’re such an abhorrent, antisocial, arrogant cunt...” (0:34)

Gabriel tells Walker, referring to the murderer and Roger, "She literally gave him an overdose of his own medicine." (0:38)

His mother Valerie tells Gabriel, "Get your confidence back."
Gabriel: ”... I’m worried about the money.” (0:39)

Emma rages. (0:47)

Emma strikes Caroline Hughes on the head with a cook pot. (0:50)

Her employer Pamela Del Agua tells Emma, "... I need you to behave yourself." (1:01)

Gabriel tells Randall, "That’s what worries me." (1:05)

Emma, referring to Pamela: "She... divorced him, citing his drinking as unreasonable behavior. Bit rich coming from a high functioning alcoholic." (1:06)

Emma: "... the only idiots worse than the men being paid..."
”Rich people always have well stocked medicine cabinets... She had everything: amitriptyline, Prozac, tramadol, diazepam.”
”Diazepam, that’s Valium to you and me.” (1:07)

Emma laces the champagne with diazepam. (1:10)

Emma strikes Gabriel on the head with a metal tray repeatedly, eventually rendering him unconscious. (1:18)

Randall tells Gabriel, "The media are reporting on a wave of sympathy for your new best friend." (1:21)

Agent Walcott tells fraudster Brendan Kelly, "I bumped into your crazy bitch of a girlfriend..." (1:23)

Walker tells Gabriel, "... impulsive behavior can endanger life..." (1:26)

Emma’s father tells Gabriel, "Nothing's been touched since her mother died." (1:33)

Emma tells Gabriel, "You want me to apologize in sympathy?"
”All those nightmares are locked away.” (1:41)

Walker tells Gabriel, "... you repeat the behavior, endangering your own life." (1:47)

Randall tells Gabriel, referring to Walker, "I think she worries I’m too close to the agents."
Gabriel: ”You’ve given me my confidence back.”
Randall: ”No worries.” (1:48)

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