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Monsieur Verdoux

Charles Chaplin, Mady Correll, Allison Roddan, Robert Lewis, Audrey Betz, Martha Raye, Ada May, Isobel Elsom, Marjorie Bennett, Helene Heigh, Margaret Hoffman, Marilyn Nash, Irving Bacon, Edwin Mills
Adolf Hitler | chloroform
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Gravestone: “Henri Verdoux” (0:01)

Pierre tells the women, “You’re all hysterical now.” (0:05)

Former bank cashier Henri tells widow Lydia, “I thought I’d cured you of that complex.”
Lydia: “Don’t be an idiot.”
”Are you mad?” (0:24)

Lydia tells Henri, “I must be out of my mind to do a thing like this.” (0:26)

His wife Mona tells Henri, “It’s too depressing.” (0:34)

Annabella asks Henri, “Are you out of your mind?”
Annabella faints.
She tells Henri, “It’s just my own defensive mechanism, as you call it.” (0:42)

Henri asks a pharmacist for “Two ounces of chloroform, please.” (0:45)

Henri asks a girl recently released from prison, referring to Schopenhauer, “Have you read his treatise on suicide.” (1:00)

Annabella tells Henri, “I’m just in the mood.”
Henri pours chloroform on a handkerchief, but it falls on his own face.
Annabella asks him, “Are you drunk?”
”Oh, you idiot...” (1:22)

Newspaper headline: “STOCKS CRASH; PANIC FOLLOWS”
A man points a pistol at his head.
A man jumps from a window. (1:39)

His stock broker asks Henri, “Are you mad?” (1:40)

Adolf Hitler (1:41)

Henri tells the girl, “Soon after the crash I lost my wife and child.”
”Despair is a narcotic.” (1:44)

Lena, older sister of his victim Thelma, faints when she sees Henri. She faints a second time. (1:50)

Prosecutor at trial, referring to Henri: “This man, who has brains, if he had decent instincts could have made an honest living...” (1:51)

Reporter Max answers another reporter, referring to Henri, “Oh, he’s nuts.” (1:53)