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Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Gad Elmaleh, Omar Sy, Aïssa Maïga , Charlotte Le Bon
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His cook Nicolas tells Colin, “Anesthetized eel with mint.” (0:05)

His friend Chicke tells Colin, “Today I found a pharmaceutical edition of Partre’s ‘Puking Preliminiaries.’”
Colin: “Pharmaceutical?”
Colin recites Jean-Sol Partre: “Earlier... I enshrined Lucie who was hanging for the confederation of insanity, itself deathly for the patroness.”

Colin: “I’m scared of getting hooked.” (0:25)

Colin tells Nicolas, “It was the champagne, a side effect.” (0:27)

Nicolas tells Chloé and Colin, referring to the cousins: “They were tipsy.” (0:49)

Jean-Sol Partre: “The athletic exocytosis I reproduce is more repressed.” (0:57)

Colin tells Chick, referring to Chloé, “She fainted.” (1:04)

Colin tells Dr. Mangemanche, “Chloé had two fainting fits.” (1:08)

The pharmacist tells Colin, “Anyway, here is your prescription.”
”You must respect the stated dose.” (1:13)

Jean-Sol Partre: “... for the confederation of insanity...” (1:34)

Madame Davis tells Chloé, “My place is doing the same thing, but I think it’s an illusion.” (1:40)

Chloé has died. (1:44)

Detectives read Chick’s dosier: “Charges: Unpaid taxes, illicit substance abuse, assault and battery smuggling.” (1:50)

Their leader tells the SWAT team, “The other way around, you idiots.” (1:53)

Colin tells priest, “Chloé is dead.” (1:57)

Men carry Chloé away in a coffin then push it out a window. (1:59)

The men drop the coffin in a hole in a graveyard. (2:01)