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Moonshine Mountain

CastCharles Glore, Gordon Oas-Heim
Year released1964
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Raf tells folk singer Doug Martin, "Don't you worry none." (0:06)

Doug tells general store owner Harley, "I got hit on the head, and I want to call the police." (0:10)

Ed Basham tells Doug, referring to the still, "We all get drunk on it." (0:37)

By telephone, his girlfriend Della tells Doug, "Darling, I've been worried sick."
”Oh, Douglas, you must have lost your mind, totally. If you think I'm going to sit up here and go stark raving mad, you've lost your mind.” (0:41)

Della tells Doug, "It don't take hardly no time at all, nowadays, to check up on a complete idiot..."
”... don't worry about how I know or what I know, because a woman's intuition is seldom...” (0:44)

Ma Besham asks Jeb, "Alone, with all these lunatics around?" (1:04)

Sheriff Asa Potter, referring to Della: "Went down like a mad dog, which she was... Well you seen me shoot Luther down like a mad dog, which he was." (1:07)

Jeb tells the others, "Ain't nothing to worry about, no matter what he sees." (1:10)

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