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Jean Gabin, Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell, Claude Rains, Ralph Byrd, Victor Sen Yung
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Tiny tells Bobo, "You’re tight now." (0:03)

Henry HIrota tells Bobo, "You very drunk..."
Henry’s crewman Takeo: ”Pop was an awful pest, especially when he was drunk...” (0:12)

A girl walks into the surf at night. (0:18)

A policeman answers Bobo, referring to Anna: "Attempted suicide."
Bobo: ”Because she wasn’t trying to commit suicide.” (0:19)

His night watchman friend Nutsy asks Bobo, referring to Anna, "How’s the patient?" (0:22)

Bobo tells Anna, "Next time, if I see you trying to drown yourself, all I’ll do is pour another bucket of water on you." (0:30)

Tiny tells Bobo, "One night you get so plastered you can’t leave the jerk town." (0:31)

Nutsy tells Bobo, "A word remembered from a dream." (0:37)

Anna tells Bobo, "Oh, you crazy nut..." (0:47)

Bobo tells Anna, "Because when I get drunk, I can’t remember what I do."
”... I got drunk, and I got into a fight...”
Referring to Tiny: ”He was sober.”
”You don’t have to worry.” (0:57)

Nutsy: "Now, there’s no need to be so nervous, Bobo."
Bobo: ”Against the law to commit suicide...”
Nutsy: ”Now will you stop worrying about it?”
Bobo: ”But who’s worried?” (1:03)

Nutsy tells Reverend Wilson, "Five more minutes, and the groom would have swooned." (1:07)

Anna asks Tiny, "What are you, drunk?"
Tiny: ”You’re crazy. You’re crazy.”
Anna: ”Yeah, crazy to listen to you...”
Tiny: ”You’re crazy.” (1:17)

Dr. Frank Brothers tells Nutsy, referring to Anna, "There are signs." (1:30)

Anna tells Bobo, "Oh, you crazy nut."
Bobo: ”Yeah, I am a nut, but a very careful nut.” (1:32)