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Mimsy Farmer, Klaus Grunberg, Heinz Engelmann, Michel Chanderli, Henry Wolf, Louise Wink
marijuana | amphetamine | Benzedrine | heroin | lysergic acid diethylamide | hashish | ethyl alcohol | nutmeg | ibogaine
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Stefan tells Estelle, “And I even feel a little drunk.” (0:15)

Estelle rolls a joint from loose marijuana in a plastic bag. She lights it, tokes and hands it to Stefan. (0:23) 

Estelle tells Stefan, “When I was in New York I use to take dope, and the needle was dirty.” (0:27)

Henry offers pink pills and tells Stefan, “It’ll pick you up.”
”It’s a purple heart
”Actually, you can get it here without a prescription.” Stefan laughs uncontrollably. (0:36)

A man prepares a pipe with a dark substance and shares it with the others. Cathy tells Stefan, “Hey, hey, you shouldn’t mix it with alcohol.”
Estelle tells Stefan, “You’re crazy.” (0:46)

Estelle and Stefan share a joint. (0:55)

Estelle asks Cathy, “Is that why you’re freaking out?”
Cathy: “I think I need a little horse.” (0:59)

Stefan asks Estelle, “What’s horse?”
Estelle: “Horse?” (1:01)

Stefan asks Cathy, “Tell me, what’s horse?”
Cathy: ”Heroin.”
Stefan: ”Heroin?”
Cathy: “Last year Estelle and I were shooting, but we were lucky enough to get away from it.” (1:02)

Estelle tokes a joint, then shares it with Stefan and Cathy. (1:03)

Stefan finds the spoon Estelle used to cook her fix. (1:07)

Stefan smokes a hookah. He tells Estelle, “You must admit this is better than that junk of yours.”
Estelle: “Horse just makes you feel very comfortable.”
Stefan: “That’s what horse is.”
Estelle: ”People who take horse want to escape from life. People who smoke this, or take acid, want to intensify their lives. Hippies put horse down, and junkies put down the little fools that think they’ve discovered the world.”
”Just depressed.” (1:09)

Estelle tells Stefan, “Getting hooked... But if you only take one shot every once in a while it’s no different than an occasional drink or cigarette.”
Stefan examines heroin in wrapper. (1:11)

Estelle cooks a heroin fix in a spoon and draws it into a syringe before placing a tourniquet on Stefan’s arm and injecting him. (1:13)

Stefan: “The second fix was a letdown, terrible. I’d make the third fix be the second and forget what was bad.” (1:18)

Stefan: “The rhythm of the shots was accelerating.” Tolerance?
Stefan smokes a joint. (1:20)

Stefan: “Hash. Pot. Nutmeg. Ibogaine.”
”Lots of Benzedrine.” (1:21)

Stefan searches the house for more heroin.” (1:24)

Dr. Ernesto Wolf tells Estelle, “But you have stolen 200 doses from me.” (1:25)

Stefan tells Estelle, “I need a fix.”
”I tell you I need a fix.”
Estelle prepares a syringe.
Stefan: “Fix me.” He nods.
Estelle, referring to Ernesto: “But because he likes you all you have to do to pay him back for the shots you’ve already had is go to work for him as barman for a little while.” (1:25)

Stefan deals drugs for Ernesto. (1:28)

Poster with picture of mushroom cloud: “If the bomb goes off make sure you get higher than the bomb.” (1:28)

Stefan tells Estelle, “I’m in a bad mood.”
Stefan and Estelle prepare fixes. She injects under her tongue. (1:29)

Stefan tells Ernesto, “Here are the remaining packets.” (1:33)

Stefan: “Our excuse of taking LSD was that we hoped it would do for us what it does for alcoholics.”
Estelle: “It’s not cut with speed or anything.” (1:34)

Stefan, referring to Estelle, “Although, unlike me, it wasn’t her first trip.” (1:36)

Stefan deals drug to Henry. (1:41)

Stefan: “I don’t know what insanity made me leave her with Wolf.”
He handles a packet of heroin. (1:41)

Stefan: “We are both hooked again. As they say, we are on a different trip.” (1:42)

Estelle tells Stefan, “You’re out of your mind.” (1:43)

Charlie tells Stefan, “Yeah, you need a fix.”
Stefan prepares a fix. Estelle demands he give her some. (1:47)

Charlie asks Stefan, “Are you crazy?” (1:51)

Stefan asks Henry, “Do you have any horse?”
Henry: ”Horse?”
Stefan: ”I am crazy. I went crazy... I am losing my mind.”
Stefan prepares a fix. He dies of overdose. Suicide? (1:51)

Charlie: “Those stupid bastards thought he killed himself.” Stefan’s casket is lowered into the ground. (1:55)