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Morituri (1965)

Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner, Janet Margolin, Trevor Howard, Martin Benrath, Wally Cox, Max Haufler, Rainer Penkert
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Saboteur Kyle tells the English officer, “Col. Statter, aside from the obvious suicidal aspects of your scheme, I personally don't believe that war is ever a solution to political conflict.” (0:09)

Kyle asks crewman Donkeyman, referring to Donkeyman's pet bird, “How is your insane friend today?" (0:35)

First officer Kruse: “If Adolph Hitler is steering towards war, he’s a lunatic.” (0:43)

Captain Mueller tells Kyle, “You’re insane.” (0:59)

Mueller orders Kruse, ”Get me the morphine.”
Kruse: "There's no morphine here."
Mueller asks the morphine-addicted ship's doctor, "Where did you hide the ship's morphine?"
”Where is the morphine Mr. Ambach.”
Ambach: “Morphine? There is no morphine.” (1:26)

Mueller drunk. (1:35)

Kruse: “Capt. Mueller is mentally and physically irresponsible due to alcoholic overindulgence."
“Officer Branner: "I wouldn't take cokehead's diagnosis of a cockroach."
Kruse: ”He was drunk when his last ship was torpedoed.” He tells Anbach, “I'll see you get what you need, but it won’t be morphine.” (1:37)

An American prisoner tells the others, “Then we get good and drunk.” (1:40)