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Mother's Day (2016)

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Julia Roberts, Jon Lovitz, Kate Hudson, Timothy Olyphant, Britt Robertson, Aasif Mandvi, Sarah Chalke, Grayson Russell, Shay Mitchell, Margo Martindale, Loni Love, Ella Anderson, Cameron Esposito, Jack Whitehall, Lucy Walsh
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Gabi tells her sister Jesse, referring to the parade float, “It’s symbolic that we all come from the same place -- gay, straight, transgender... you know.”
Jesse: “You’ve lost your mind.” (0:05)

Vicky and Rachel, and their gym manager father Bradley, visit the grave of their mother Dana in a cemetery. (0:07)

Author Miranda tells a studio audience, “So... we have these gorgeous crystal mood pendants... These genuine quartz crystal mood pendants change color with your mood. (0:09)

Gabi tells Jesse, “... I’m in therapy.” (0:10)

Jesse tells her friend Krisint, “I mean, that’s crazy.” (0:33)

Miranda: “... take a look at these beautiful mood pendants.” (0:35)

Rachel accuses Bradley of “Obsessing over soccer so you can get closer to Mom.” (0:42)

Miranda tells Jesse, referring to Jesse’s tantrum, “It got our attention didn’t it, also a trait to hold onto.” (0:47)

Jesse: “That’s crazy.” (0:49)

Jesse’s husband Russell tells the others, “... Jesse’s father and mother are in a dementia facility in Arizona.
Jesse’s father Earl: ”Dementia, my butt.” (0:52)

Russell tells Jesse, “You told me that your parents were mentally incapacitated.” (0:54)

Gwenda, on the exercise machine, tells gym manager Bradley, “Yeah, it could lead to meth...” (0:57)

Sandy tells Jesse, “Until the day you get a divorce and then you have to have that 50/50 shared custody...” (1:00)

Jesse: “I feel like such an idiot.”
The clown tells Sandy, “So what if the other girl is 20 and looks insane in a bikini?” (1:06)

Zack tells Kristin, “I was freaking out.” (1:17)

Bradley arrives at the cemetery to find Rachel and Vicki at the grave of their mother. (1:23)

Russell: “This is crazy.” (1:25)

Bradley tells Lexi, “Go nuts.” (1:31)

Sandy: “My God, people on steroids?” (1:31)

Tina tells Sandy, “I really panicked.” (1:38)

Bradley ask Sandy, “You live in the psychiatric wing?”
”Oh, um, actually my wife passed away.” (1:43)