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Nadine Nortier, Jean Claude Guilbert, Maria Cardinal, Paul Hebert, Jean Vimenet, Marie Susini
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Poacher Arsène tells schoolgirl Mouchette, “Even stone drunk, I keep a clear head.”
Referring to gamekeeper Mathieu: ”We were both drunk.”
Mouchette: ”Do I say he was drunk?”
Arsène: “I feel a fit coming on.” He falls to the ground and appears to suffer a grand mal seizure. Rum fit? (0:43)

Mouchette’s mother tells her, “Make sure you never get taken in by lazy workmen or drunks.” Her mother dies. (1:02)

Mathieu tells Mouchette, referring to Arsène, “He was drunk.”
Mouchette: “He said you’d had a fight and that you were drunk too.”
Mathieu’s wife: “Arsène got her drunk, for sure.”
Mathieu: “You’ll drive her crazy.”
Mathieu’s wife: “But it’s maddening to see you spare him over a rabbit but not bother to check if he got her drunk or not.” (1:09)

Mouchette rolls down a hill and into the water, drowning herself.” (1:20)