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Barry Bostwick, Red Buttons, Art Carney, Eli Wallach, Harry Hamlin, Barbara Harris, Ann Reinking
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Dynamite Hands

Boxer Joey Popchik tells his librarian girlfriend Betsy McGuire, "Oh, you crazy monkey." (0:13)

Entrepreneur Vince Marlow tells Joey, "Don’t worry." (0:20)

Manager Gloves Malloy tells his assistant Peanuts, referring to Joey, "I’m a little worried about his night training." (0:21)

Joey tells performer Troubles Moran, "I’m nuts about you." (0:24)

Marlow asks Joey, "How you feelin’, kid, nervous?" (0:32)

Joey asks Gloves, "What, are you crazy or something?" (0:33)

Gloves dies with Joey and Peanuts at his side. (0:44)

Joey, now a prosecuting attorney, tells the jury, "Let us show the mad dogs of this city that they cannot gun down decent citizens." (0:45)

Baxter's Beauties of 1933

Dr. Bowers tells his producer patient Spats Baxter, referring to Spencer’s disease, "I’ve heard of some people that kill themselves before they die of it."
Spats, referring to his daughter: ”... I killed her mother in a drunken car crash.” (0:53)

Performer Kitty Simpson faints. (0:57)

Spats tells Director Jinks Murphy, "Call it crazy..." (0:59)

Songwriter Dick Cummings tells a performer, "Don’t worry, Trixie." (1:24)

Housekeeper Gussie answers director Jinks Murphy, referring to Isobel: "She’s drunk." (1:25)

Bowers tells Spats, "I set Isobel’s leg, gave her a sedative."
”Any signs, symptoms?”
Spats: ”... I faint more than I’d like to.” (1:29)

Spats dies with performer Trixie and his daughter Kitty at his side. (1:39)