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Mozart and the Whale

Josh Hartnett, Radha Mitchell, Gary Cole, Allen Evangelista, Sheila Kelley, Erica Leerhsen, John Carroll Lynch, Kristopher Higgins, Rusty Schwimmer, Robert Wisdom, Christa Campbell, Wonder Russell
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Group member Bronwin says to no one in particular, "Regular people lose autistic people all the time, that's just the way it is." (0:04)

Cabdriver Donald demonstrates his fascination for numbers. Savant? (0:05)

Hairdresser Isabelle says, "I take things sort of literally." She illustrates concrete thinking in "breaking a record" as a child. (0:08)

Donald: "People with Asperger's want contact with other people very much." (0:10)

Isabelle asks group member Gracie, "Why are you laughing?" when she laughs inappropriately.
Gracie: "I don't care what my shrink says." (0:11)

Isabelle: "Then again, he is autistic."
Donald: "It's nice to obsess on something beautiful..." (0:14)

Gregory says, referring to Donald, "He has Asperger's..." (0:15)

Gregory tells Donald, "You both have Asperger's." (0:17)

Isabelle tells Donald, "We're autistic." (0:22)

Donald appears to suffer from acrophobia on a Ferris wheel ride with Isabelle. (0:34)

Isabelle, upset at the amusement park, rocks back and forth. (0:35)

Donald's apartment filled with stacks of old newspapers and other items he has been unable to discard. Hoarding? Cluttering? (0:36)

Isabelle tells Donald, "I had an instinct there." (0:38)

Smiling, Gregory says, "I feel said."
Bronwin says, "Regular people get sick too, not just autistic people" (0:45)

Donald panics when he sees how Isabelle has cleaned up his home. "You stole my life." (0:48)

Isabelle tells Donald, "Dr. Jeffries is the woman at the university who diagnosed me..." (0:56)

Donald tells his new boss Hank, "You can say autistic." (0:58)

Isabelle tells Hank, "Most people want me to paint something... less violent, less insane..." (1:03)

Isabelle tells Donald, "It's very autistic." (1:05)

Isabelle rocking. (1:08)

Isabelle leaves a message on Donald's voice mail: "So, don't obsess on all the stuff I said." (1:08)

Isabelle tells Donald in a voice mail message, referring to her pet rabbit, "Oh, Donald, Bongo died." (1:12)

Isabelle choice with prescription bottles then empties the contents of a capsule into a drink and swallows it. Overdose? (1:19)

Psychiatrist Jeffries approaches Donald: "I'm Dr. Jeffries, Isabelle's psychiatrist."
"She will be in therapy."
Donald: "She doesn't need therapy."
Dr. Jeffries: "Well, Asperger's is a funny animal." (1:20)

Gracie: "Look at it this way, she tried to kill herself because you wouldn't call her."
Donald: "No, she tried to kill herself because I wanted to marry her."
Gregory: "Or the doctors right, and you call and she kills herself!"
"A nicotine patch." (1:21)