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Mr. Holland's Opus

Richard Dreyfuss, Olympia Dukakis, Glenne Headly, Jay Thomas, William H. Macy, Alicia Witt, Terrence Howard, Damon Whitaker, Jean Louisa Kelly, Alexandra Boyd, Anthony Natale, Nicholas John Renner, Joseph Anderson, Joanna Gleason, Beth Maitland, Balthazar Getty
Billie Holiday | Ronald Reagan | Ray Charles
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Music teacher Glenn Holland answers principal Helen Jacobs: "Nervous."
Helen: ”... I grow nervous around people who do.” (0:05)

Glenn tells Helen, "... I will use anything, from Billie Holiday to rock and roll, if I think it’ll help me teach a student to love music." (0:42)

Glenn tells bass drummer Louis Russ"... I don’t want you confusing us any further." (0:56)

Glenn tells his wife Iris, "I’m just a little worried about where the money’s coming from, that’s all."
”... I worry about the money, okay?”
Iris, referring to their son Cole’s doctor: ”... he’s a specialist who thinks that deaf people are retarded, and he is not retarded...” (1:04)

Glenn asks a student, "You stoned again, Stadler?"
Stadler: ”I don’t need to stay straight for this class.” (1:07)

Military honors for Louis Russ in a cemetery (1:09)

Ronald Reagan (1:15)

Glenn asks principal Gene Wolters, "Are you nuts?"
Coach Bill Meister: ”... that’ll shock the hell out of everybody.” (1:16)

Drama teacher Sarah Olmstead tells Glenn, "Don’t worry." (1:19)

Roena tells Glenn, referring to her father’s restaurant, "My dad’s dream."
”Sometimes I dream about going to New York and being on the stage in front of thousands of people.” (1:25)

Radio reporter Jim Collins: "The mood was silence and reverence at the appointed hour of 11:00..." (1:45)

Cole asks Gleann, "Why do you assume that John Lennon’s death would mean nothing to me?" (1:47)

Recording of Ray Charles (1:55)

Glenn tells Bill, "And I don’t think you have anything to worry about." (2:03)