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Mr. Peabody and The Mermaid

William Powell, Ann Blyth, Irene Hervey, Andrea King, Clinton Sundberg, Art Smith, Hugh French, Lumsden Hare
tobacco | ethyl alcohol
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Arthur and his wife Polly visit Dr. Harvey. Is he a psychiatrist? (0:00)

Arthur tells a mother sitting in Dr. Harvey's waiting room, referring to the boy sitting in her lap, "Mam, unless that child is a qualified psychiatrist I'll thank him to keep his opinions to himself." (0:03)

Arthur tells Dr. Harvey, "I'm not a loony." (0:05)

Press agent Mike referring to his doctor, "All he knows is 'give up cigarettes.'" (0:15)

Mike craves tobacco. (0:16)

Polly asks Arthur, "Are you tight?"
"You're not tight."
"You're plastered." (0:31)

Arthur tells Polly, "I'm not exactly a cannibal, you know."
Arthur: "The truth is that no decision involving mermaids should ever be made with even a suggestion of alcohol under the belt." (0:34)

Polly tells Arthur, referring to Cathy, "That woman's either drunk or crazy." (0:48)

Arthur: "Alcoholics Anonymous here I come." (0:59)

Mike tells Arthur, referring to his doctor, "... he's already inoculated me for..."
"Alcohol." (1:06)

Mike tells Arthur, "You know when I was addicted to alcohol and tobacco..." (1:11)

Mike tells waiter Charlie, "While under the influence of homogenized milk..." (1:13)

Arthur tells Polly, referring to Dr. Harvey, "He explained... what hallucinations are..." (1:26)