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Mr. Pip

Hugh Laurie, Xzannjah Matsi, Healesville, Eka Darville, Kerry Fox, Florence Korokoro, Sam Simiha, Marcellin Ampa'oi
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Narrator Matilda: “It was easy to see that Grace was mad.” (0:05)

Burial of child.
Matilda in graveyard. (0:17, 0:55)

Popeye tells the officer, “I understand the confusion...” (0:46)

Burial of Popeye’s apparent wife Grace. (0:58)

Popeye talks of “The grief” when Sarah, his daughter with Grace, died. (1:02)

The villagers bury the dead. (1:25)

Popeye’s actual wife June tells Matilda, referring to Grace, “It was like living next door to someone who was permanently drunk.” (1:41)

Matilda cries. (1:45)