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Mrs. Dalloway

Vanessa Redgrave, Natascha McElhone, Rupert Graves, Michael Kitchen, Alan Cox, Lena Headey, Amelia Bullmore
Virginia Woolf | potassium bromide
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Decorated World War I soldier Septimus, unable to move, says, “I’m rooted here.” Flashback? Catatonia? (0:09)

Septimus experiences another flashback. He tells his wife Rezia, “Whole world is clamoring, ‘Kill yourself. Kill yourself.’” (0:12)

Septimus hallucinates soldier Evans walking toward him before he disappears in a shell blast in a London park. (0:13)

Septimus experiences another flashback: “Evans... don’t come!” (0:36)

Physician Sir William asks Rezia, “He threatened to kill himself?”
“And Dr. Holmes prescribed bromide?”
Rezia, “... but Septimus keeps talking to the dead man, Evans, his friend who was killed in the war... He says people are talking behind bedroom walls... he said ‘We will kill ourselves’...”
Sir William: “... I believe that he’s suffering from delayed shell shock.”
Rezia: ”He’s not mad is he?” (0:40)

Sir William tells Septimus, “We all have our moments of depression.”
Sir William tells Rezia, “Your husband has threatened to kill himself.” (0:47)

In another flashback Septimus asks, “Evans?” (1:02)

Rezia tells Septimus, “It is because you talked of killing yourself.” (1:03)

When he sees Dr. Holmes enter the room, presumably to take him to an asylum, Septimus defenestrates, impaling himself on an iron fence. (1:06)

One dowager tells another, referring to Ellie, “Do bring her over before she... faints in astonishment.”
Sir William addresses Clarissa and her husband Richard: “A young patient of mine killed himself. Really Richard there must be some provision in the government’s bill for these cases of delayed shell shock.”
Lady Bradshaw tells Clarissa, “... this evening he just throws himself out of the window, impaled on the railings.”
Clarissa, thinking to herself: “A young man came to you on the edge of insanity, and you forced his soul, and you made his life intolerable and he killed himself.” (1:22)

Hugh tells Lady Bruton, “I know he’s treating many of these fellows for shell shock or whatever... Excellent for mental disturbance.” (1:24)

Clarissa, thinking to herself: “He threw himself out of the window and impaled himself on the railings...”
She stands at the window apparently contemplating doing the same: “That young man killed himself... I’m somehow glad he could do it, throw it away.” (1:24)

What might Clarissa's attitude about Septimus' suicide tells us about Virginia Woolf's suicide? Did Dr. Holmes "cause" Septimus to kill himself? Should Holmes have stopped him?

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