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Ted Danson, Loren Dean, Hope Davis, Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard, Mary McDonnell, Martin Short, Zooey Deschanel, Jason Ritter, Elisabeth Moss, Jane Adams, David Paymer
William James | cocaine | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana
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Pharmacist patient Henry in psychotherapy session with psychotherapist Dr. Mumford (0:02)

Dr. Mumford tells coffee shop owner Lily, “My patient had to leave early.”
Lily: "... you've already got more patients than those other two shrinks combined." (0:03)

Lawyer patient Lionel, In session with Dr. Mumford: “Kind of impatient for a big-time headshrinker, aren't you?”
”Are you crazy?”
Mumford: ”There's no shame in getting a little therapy...” (0:04)

Session with Althea. Mumford: "... I think they're worried about you." (0:05)

Patient Nessa tells Mumford in session: "That shrink thing."
”Well I guess I'm just a dumb bitch, but how depressing is that moment?” (0:09)

Mumford tells company founder Skip, "What's really going on is you have some problems, and you want some therapy...” (0:14)

Hardware store owner Mr. Crisp tells Mumford, referring to his daughter Sofie, "The rest are calling it chronic fatigue symptom."
Mumford: ”Syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome.”
Crisp: ”Syndrome.”
”She's in a mood.” (0:15)

Skip asks Mumford, "So I guess Henry Follett is a patient of yours?"
Mumford: ”Can you imagine that, where your self-esteem has to be?” (0:18)

Althea's investor husband Jeremy asks Mumford, "You know anything about addiction, Doc?"
” Well I'm addicted to winning.” (0:28)

Althea's son Martin asks Mumford, referring to Nessa, "You’re treating her, right?"
”She’s so screwed up, always starving herself when she's already skinny... All she does is get wrecked and do all the guys. Person’s got to hate themselves to act like that.” (0:30)

Lily tells Mumford, "It was insane around here, man." (0:31)

Mumford reads a Web page about chronic fatigue syndrome. (0:32)

Mumford answers Sofie's mother's question: "Ph.D, psychologist."
Sofie: “You caught her in a good mood.”
”It's my dad and my mother I worry about.”
”Is this the treatment?”
Mumford: ”I want you to tell me all your symptoms.”
Sofie: ”Also, I get confused.”
Mumford: ”It's confusing here.” (0:33)

Skip tells Mumford, "You're a shrink, doc."
”Sometimes you’ll, like, tell me things about your other patients... I don't know that much about psychology or therapy or ethics...”
”... you're not supposed to tell anyone about your patients’ problems, are you?”
”You don't think I'm insane?”
”It's psychotic.”
Mumford: ”I am not now, nor have I ever been, a psychologist.” (0:37)

Mumford asks skip, "Did you know that every species of mammal has found some way to drug, inebriate or anesthetize itself?" (0:42)

Close up of partiers lighting glass waterpipes, smoking a hookah.
Mumford tells Skip, ”Fun was drugs...”
A woman holds out a small piece of blotter. LSD?
”The only problem I had with degenerate, self-destructive behavior was I couldn't get enough of it.”
Close up of lines of cocaine.
”For some reason, probably because I was too stoned to talk, everywhere I went people would talk to me.”
A woman tells Mumford, ”My brother started molesting me.”
A man tells Mumford, ”I think he's smoking dope.”
Another man: ”I'm a little nervous about the whole thing.”
Mumford tells Skip,”... even though I was certain I could stop anytime I wanted, I had developed a real addiction to cocaine.”
Close up of paraphernalia and lines of cocaine.
Skip: ”Are you telling me your last job before becoming a psychologist was an investigator for the Internal Revenue Service?”
Mumford: ”The only constant, stabilizing force in my life was drugs.”
Skip: ”An IRS investigator with a drug problem.”
Mumford: ”I was a dope addict. Gregory was insane. Of course him being insane didn't make it alright that I fell in love with his wife.”
Skip: ”Get to know your therapist.”
Mumford, referring to Gregory: ”... it probably made him even crazier.”
”There aren't too many accountants who don't have something to worry about with the service... [referring to a suspect] His was that he'd been fighting chronic depression for 30 years. Under the heat of the investigation he fell off his medication... He used the 9 mm automatic they kept there to kill himself... Gregory went home drunk and beat up Candy... Whatever this was, it felt like the bottom.”
Skip: ”And the drugs?”
Certificate: ”Psychologist”
Skip: ”But you studied psychology, right?”
”Psych major?” (0:43)

Sofie tells Mumford, "And you're a sadistic bastard..."
”... and I'll bet you can interpret the whole thing?”
”Then this is legitimate therapy?”
Mumford: ”Therapy?” (0:52)

Lionel tells Dr. Phyllis Sheeler and Dr. Ernest Delbanco, "Six months ago you two were the only shrinks in town."
Delbanco: ”While I am a psychiatrist, Dr. Sheeler is a psychologist like Dr. Mumford..”
Sheeler: ”You misunderstand the nature of our calling to mental health.” (0:54)

Lionel, referring to Sheeler and Delbanco: "Complete idiots." (0:55)

In session, Henry asks Mumford, "Does that make me some kind of deviant?" (0:56)

In session, Nessa asks Mumford, "This shrink school that you went to, did you hear about it on an infomercial?" (0:58)

Delbanco tells Mumford, referring to Sheeler, "She's the other therapist here in town." (1:02)

Delbanco: "Annihilation anxieties engendered by bad experiences with a depriving mother... It is, as William James put it, ‘the worm at the core’."
Mumford tells Sheeler and Delbanco he gained experience at, ”... halfway houses. For a while, I was chief therapist in a shopping mall.”
Delbanco: ”We’re interested in any new therapies...” (1:02)

In session, Althea tells Mumford, "I'll probably have a complete depressoid collapse soon."
”Why do I feel elated? Am I in denial?”
”I'll probably be a basket case by then.”
”There's no shame in getting a little therapy...” (1:06)

Skip asks Mumford, referring to his project, "This doesn't seem a little perverse?"
Mumford: ”Skip, you know that it's improper, completely unethical, for a licensed psychologist to carry on a romantic relationship with one of his patients?”
Skip: ”You've fallen in love with one of your patients?”
”You're not really a licensed psychologist.” (1:11)

Mumford tells the rest of her family, "I don't think I'm going to be able to treat Sofie anymore."
Sofie’s brother Ben: ”I know the treatments are working.” (1:16)

His assistant tells Henry, "You told me to get you when she came to pick up her prescription."
Henry tells Althea, ”Let me explain something about your prescription.” (1:20)

Sofie tells Mumford,"... you're very insightful."
”Thanks to this therapy, I now know what I am looking for. I need to find a man like you, not one who is treating me of course...” (1:22)

Nessa, in session, referring to Martin: "I mean, doc, the dude is seriously deluded. I said... you are seriously deluded."
”Well, first off he tells me to stop smoking cigarettes... Then he says stop smoking dope.”
”And the last thing was insane.”
”We're going to try it together, like, you know, AA or something...”
”No more sneaking around... with this... nut gun like some... Looney Tune.” (1:23)

Meeting with Mumford, Delbanco tells him, referring to Sheeler, "Phyllis has decided to leave town and pursue her practice in the city, which leaves you the only psychologist in town." (1:28)

By telephone Althea asks Henry, "Do you have a prescription for me?" (1:29)

Sofie tells Mumford, "It might have been more appropriate if we had followed the traditional approach to the doctor-patient relationship."
”How intuitive.”
”... that's what your shrink is for, right?”
”I don't know if the syndrome is over...”
”I know a little about psychology.”
”... now I am under the delusion that I am in love with you.”
”... it becomes much more likely that I am going to have confusion about this, when your idea of treatment is to go walking in the woods... just a pathetic case of transference?” (1:32)

Mumford watches Robert Stack talk about him on television: "A drug rehabilitation center in the lonely Southwestern desert... [Mumford] found himself on a downward spiral of drug abuse and disillusion."
State policeman, referring to Mumford: ”The guy was obsessed...”
Stack: ”A courageous public servant or a debauched addict?”
”And perhaps that is exactly the chance the now sober pilgrim took on a blustery November day, walking away from the rehab center... ” (1:37)

Munford tells Sofie he was referring to "All my other patients."
Sofie: ”I'm in a bad mood.” (1:42)

Judge Otto tells Mumford, "Many of your ‘patients’ have come forward with praise for you and your therapeutic skills."
Mumford: ”I was empathizing.”
Otto: ”Maybe you can emphasize with this: maximum fine.” (1:43)

A sheriff's deputy asks Mumford, "You're the shrink, aren't you?"
”But you do therapy.” (1:45)

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