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Music from Another Room

Jude Law, Gretchen Mol, Jennifer Tilly, Martha Plimpton, Brenda Blethyn, Jon Tenney, Jeremy Piven, Jane Adams, Vincent Laresca, Kevin Kilner, Jan Rubes, Judith Malina
ethyl alcohol
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Young Danny's father physician father Hank tells him, referring to his mother's friend Grace, "She's a little nuts, but she's nice."
Young William tells his sister Karen, referring to Danny: "He's a retard." (0:02)

Grace tells Hank, referring to his deceased wife, "I miss Liz so much."
Hank, referring to Danny's reaction to his mother's death: "The shrink on the base says eventually he'll come around." (0:04)

Grace's professor husband Richard tells Grace, referring to Hank, "I prefer a sober one." (0:06)

William tells Karen, referring to Danny, "The retard's in there."
Hank: "I'm too damned drunk."
Richard: "This is insane." (0:08)

Now grown mosaic artist Danny asks his girlfriend Sarah, "I'm not crazy, am I?" (0:12)

Now grown physician William tells the others, referring to Danny, "That's the retard. You're the retard." (0:25)

Grown Karen: "Alcohol is poison." (0:27)

William's wife Irene, handling a revolver, threatens, "I think I'm going to kill myself."
Nina reassures Danny, "Don't worry about it. Her therapist never gives her bullets." (0:29)

Nina, hysterical, tells Danny, referring to an imaginary bee, "Get it away from me!" Apiphobia? (0:32)

Danny tells Karen, referring to a coworker, "He's on medication."
Karen tells the men, "I don't think you have central nervous systems." (0:36)

William tells Danny, referring to Irene, "She's even talking about going back to that halfwit marriage counselor again."
"No one in my family likes you, except my mom, 'cause she's crazy..." (0:47)

A nurse tells Anna, referring to Grace who has confused her with Nina, "She's not lucid." (1:06)

Irene points her revolver at her head. (1:15)

Grace dies in Richard's arms. (1:21)

Wake for Grace. (1:27)

Irene tells Richard, referring to Estelle, "She seemed depressed to me at the funeral." (1:30)

Nina tells Anna, referring to Anna Karenina, "She throws herself under a train." (1:32)

Karen works with young people. Are they autistic or mentally retarded? (1:35)