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My Apocalypse

Corin Nemec, Bruce Weitz, Nancy Allen, John de Lancie, Gail Strickland, Meredith Salenger, Jesse Bob Harper
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Television reporter Sandy: "The body has been scrawled with what Housing Authority and City Zone police are describing as the artistic designs of the maniac nicknamed the North City Stalker." (0:05) 

Stewart as a stand up comic repeats, "... artistic designs of the maniac nicknamed the North City Stalker."

Stewart's father Jack tells Stewart, referring to the Eastman family, "They went a little crazy..."
Stewart: "This is crazy." (0:19)

Nathan tells Stewart, "You are a damn psycho!" (0:24)

Stewart's mother Linda tells Nathan's wife Victoria, referring to Stewart, "He's just extra anxious tonight."
Victoria: "Has everyone lost their minds?"
Stewart: "Insanity." (0:25)

Stewart sees Linda's face, hears her voice, distorted. Prosopometamorphopsia? (0:33)

Susan distorts (0:37)

Nathan tells Stewart, "You are a... psycho!"
Stewart tells Linda, "You can get your therapy right here."
Stewart asks Victoria, "Is that all the rage that you've got?" (0:37)

Victoria distorts. (0:40)

Victoria tells Stewart, referring to her son Victor, "I do talk to him, every day, but he won't say anything."
"You people are all crazy." (0:41)

Jack, on a talk show, referring to the Eastman family, "These people need a marriage counselor."
"I have a disability." (0:48)

Stewart, referring to himself, "His mother was an addict for the boob tube..." (0:54)

Faces distort. (1:00)

Distorted faces, voices. (1:03)

Stewart places the muzzle of his pistol against his head. (1:05)

He does it again, pulls the trigger, but the gun does not fire. (1:06)

SWAT cop: "... with this whole North City Stalker thing..." (1:07) 

Stewart holds the gun to his head. Victoria tells the SWAT team, referring to Stewart, "That's the North City Stalker." (1:12)

Linda grieves as Stewart dies. (1:13)