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My Father's Guests

Fabrice Luchini, Karin Viard
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Political activist physician Lucien tells his physician daughter Babette, referring to his granddaughter Julie, “At her age they all panic at a drop of blood.” (0:01)

Her sister-in-law Karine tells Babette, referring to Lucien, “He thinks anyone without a PhD is an idiot.” (0:12)

Lucien tells Babette, “It’s idiotic you couldn’t get two tickets.” (0:17)

Lucien tells his lawyer son Arnaud, referring to Lucien’s illegal alien wife Tatiana, “I don’t want to bend anyone’s morals, but the girl’s a nervous wreck.” (0:27)

Spectator-mom, referring to Arnaud’s soccer player son Simon: “Is he crazy?” (0:30)

Arnaud tells Babette, “You’re nuts.”
Babette, referring to Lucien: “Beat him to Alzheimer's.” (0:35)

Her clinic associate Carter tells Babette, “A hangover’s not like you.”
Babette: “It’s making me crazy.”
Referring to her patients: ”Why are all the depressing ones on Thursday?” (0:42)

Babette asks Tatiana, “Are you crazy?... Are you nuts?” (0:50)

Carter tells Babette, “Listen, whether it’s drugs or booze, don’t hold back tonight.” (0:53)

Carter tells Babette, “I was afraid you’d fainted.” (0:54)

Arnaud tells Babette, referring to his daughter Julie, “The idiot’s chained to a school fence to protest...” (0:55)

His wife Karine tells Arnaud, referring to Lucien, “That old egotist does this to you.”
Arnaud: ”He’s not at all an old egotist.”
”He was impossible to live with, but he certainly wasn’t an egotist.” (1:02)

Babette tells Arnaud, “Don’t panic.” (1:05)

Babette asks Lucien, “What’s this Digitalcardio overdose?” (1:06)

Tatiana tells Arnaud, “You’re out of your mind.” (1:07)

By telephone Arnaud tells Karine, “You’ve lost your mind.” (1:14)

Arnaud tells Babette, referring to Lucien, “He’s losing his marbles.” (1:16)

How many kinds of relationship triangles does this film illustrate? Does Lucien and Julie's shared interest in helping immigrants form the point of a three-generation avocation triangle? Are Babette and Arnaud part of a sibling subsystem triangle? Is Tatiana part of a wicked step-parent triangle?