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My Foolish Heart

Dana Andrews, Susan Hayward
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Lewis tells his intoxicated wife Eloise he's leaving and wants custody of their daughter Ramona. "You drink too much. The law says a dipsomaniac is not a fit mother." (0:10)

Eloise threatens her parents with suicide. "If one word, one single word, is said about marriage I shall throw myself out of that window." After a retort from Eloise's mother Martha, her father Henry joins in, "Martha, if you don't go in the bedroom and shut up, I'm going to follow Eloise right out that window." Martha responds, "Oh, where's my phenobarbital." (0:43)

Eloise learns that Walt has died from injuries sustained in a plane crash. (1:21)

Lewis tells Eloise's friend Mary Jane, "She's been drinking ever since we've been married. There is no use waiting for her to sober up." (1:34)