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My Girl

Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Macaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky, Richard Masur, Griffin Dunne, Ray Buktenica, Ann Nelson
Jamie Lee Curtis | marijuana
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Young Vada shows her friends into a room filled with caskets at her father's morruary.
”You know, like when they cut a chicken's head off, and they still run around crazy.” (0:02)

Vada asks makeup artist Shelly DeVoto, "Have you had the unfortunate experience of recently losing a loved one?" (0:06)

Vada tells Dr. Welty, "I have all the classic symptoms." (0:10)

Vada tells Shelly, "It's a mood ring. It tells what mood I'm in."
Vada tells her friend Thomas J, ”It's only black when you're around because you put me in a bad mood.”
Thomas J tells Shelly, referring to Vada, ”She's crazy.” (0:16)

Shelly tells her new boss, Vada's undertaker father Harry, referring to Vada, "I think she's confused about death." (0:21)

Mr. Bixler’s writing student Ronda reads her poem to the class: "I wake up and light a joint." (0:26)

Harry Tells Shelley, "After my wife died Grandma moved in here to help us take care of Vada.... Vada’s been acting kind of crazy." (0:28)

Shelly tells Harry, "Love Story at the drive-in." (0:31)

Vada tells Thomas J, referring to a ceramic bust, "It's a phrenology chart... Come here, I'll diagnose your head." (0:35)

Harry tells his brother Phil, "I'm very nervous." (0:37)

Vada tells Thomas J, "Bed-wetter." (0:40)

One Bingo player tells another, "Someone outside yelled Bingo, you moron."
Second player: ”Who are you calling a moron?” (0:43)

Harry tells Shelly, "She died two days after Vada was born." (0:45)

Shelly's ex-husband Danny tells the others, "I'm getting senile." (0:56)

Phil tells Vada, referring to Harry, "After your mother died, he was sad all the time..." (0:58)

Vada asks Thomas J, "Are you crazy?"
Vada: ”My mood ring...” (1:00)

Vada tells Thomas J, "You're such a retard." (1:08)

Thomas J tells Vada,"My mom will be worried." (1:08)

Memorial service (1:11)

Harry tells Vada that bee stings killed Thomas J. (1:19)

Memorial service for Thomas J (1:21)

Thomas J's mother tells Harry, referring to Thomas J, "I know it's crazy, but sometimes I think he's just the way it can't." (1:34)