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My Life

Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman, Bradley Whitford, Queen Latifah, Michael Constantine, Rebecca Schull, Mark Lowenthal, Lee Garlington, Toni Sawyer, Haing S. Ngor, Romy Rosemont
Bruce Joel Rubin | Elvis Presley
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Public relations professional Bob, making a video for posterity, referring to a photograph: "One of the members of the family just got out of a mental institution, I think." (0:07)

Bob tells his employee George, "Don't worry about it." (0:16)

Dr. Joseph Califano tells Bob, "We have drugs to manage the pain." (0:21)

Bob tells his wife Gail, "This is crazy." (0:24)

Bob tells his childhood next door neighbor Carol Sandman, "I must’ve repressed everything." (0:34)

Bob mentions Elvis recording himself talking about music.
”Anything where a guy would set himself on fire I would avoid.” (0:36)

Bob, on video: "... and don't worry about me being jealous..." (0:38)

Bob’s video: "... suburban drug-infested Detroit." (0:43)

Bob’s mother Rose tells the others, "I thought instead of having a wedding I'd be having a nervous breakdown..." (0:52)

Bob asks Gail, "Are you crazy?" (1:10)

Bob asks the kid next to him on the roller coaster, "Are you crazy?" (1:15)

Gail asks her obstetrician Dr. Mills, "Are you crazy?" (1:21)

Bob dies with Gail at his side. (1:51)

Reference in The Dialogue: Bruce Joel Rubin