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My Life with Caroline

Ronald Colman, Anna Lee, Charles Winninger, Reginald Gardiner, Gilbert Roland
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Mr. Bliss tells Paco Del Valle, referring to his daughters, "I just thought perhaps you’d unearthed another one that slipped my memory."
Referring to money: ”... it’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.” (0:03)

Paco tells Mr. Bliss’s daughter Caroline Mason, "All my life I’ve had a dream of a woman whom I never thought existed...” (0:11)

Caroline’s husband Anthony Mason tells chauffeur Jenkins, "You’re not drawing."
Caroline, referring to the car: ”Oh, I’m crazy about it.” (0:16)

Sculptor Paul Marindale: "... I’m beginning to worry a little bit, too."
Caroline: ”Don’t worry, Paul” (0:16)

Mr. Bliss asks Caroline and Paul, "You nervous?" (0:24)

Mr. Bliss asks Paul, "You gettin’ nervous?" (0:33)

Paul tells Caroline’s friend Helen, "I’m a very nervous man."
Helen: ”Look, what are you worrying about?”
Helen: ”It’s probably got dope in it.”
”Listen, people who are always threatening sucide...”
Paul: ”I’m not always threatening suicide...” (0:39)

Caroline tells Anthony, "I think I’m horrid." (0:42)

Helene tells Caroline, referring to Paul, "He’s just been telling me he’s going to kill himself if this doesn’t go through." (0:44)

Paul tells his butler Muirhead, "Well, there’s nothing to do ‘till the but worry." (0:47)

Paul tells Anthony, "Yes, I’m rather the nervous type."
Anthony: ”... do you mind, if you’re the nervous type?”
Paul: ”Well, that’s symbolic.” (0:53)

Caroline asks Muirhead, "Have you gone mad?" (1:04)

Caroline tells Paul, "Then I began to get worried." (1:06)

Anthony asks Mr. Bliss, "... am I just plain selfish and conceited and don’t know it?"
Mr. Bliss: ”... I’m out of practice as a counselor, but here goes.” (1:09)

Anthony tells Paul, "I’m worried about Caroline." (1:14)