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My Man Godfrey

William Powell, Carole Lombard, Alice Brady, Gail Patrick, Eugene Pallette, Jean Dixon, Alan Mowbray, Mischa Auer, Pat Flaherty, Robert Light
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Homeless “Duke” Godfrey “Smith” Parke: "Well, Mike, I wouldn’t worry." (0:02)

Blake tells Alexander Bullock, "The place slightly resembles an insane asylum."
Bullock: ”Well, all you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.” (0:06)

Alexander’s wife Angelica tells Godfrey, referring to her daughter Irene, "She’s very impulsive."
Irene: ”I’m not impulsive.”
Angelica: ”Why did I have to wait until now to find out there’s insanity on your father’s side of the family?” (0:12)

The maid tells Godfrey, "No, they’re that nutty."
”Don’t you worry about me.”
Referring to Angelica: ”If she has a hangover... she’ll ring again in a minute...”
Referring to Angelica: ”I want to warn you, she see pixies...” (0:15)

Angelica tells Godfrey, "So many people have such bad memories." (0:18)

Irene tells Godfrey, "You don’t know how nice it is having some intelligent person to talk to." (0:23)

Alexander: "Life in this family, it’s one subpoena after another." (0:25)

Angelica: "Alexander, you’re inebriated." (0:30)

Carlo tells Angelica, "I’m not in the mood."
Angelica: ”Stop eating and get in the mood.” (0:33)

Angelica tells Irene, "You mustn’t confuse Carlo." (0:41)

Cornelia tells the others, "You know, that music has me so confused." (0:42)

Irene tells guest Tommy Gray, "The whole thing is only a delusion." (0:43)

Alexander tells Godfrey, "I sometimes wonder whether my whole family’s gone mad or whether it’s me," (0:50)

His old college chum Tommy Gray tells Godfrey, "Well, when I wander into a Fifth Avenue asylum and see one of the Parke Parkes of Boston serving hors d'oeuvres..."
Godfrey: ”Tommy, it’s surprising how fast you can go downhill when you begin to feel sorry for yourself, and boy, did I feel sorry for myself.”
”I’m more in the mood.” (0:51)

Carlo reads: "All around the coast the languid air did swoon." (0:57)

Irene: "Nobody cares if I starve myself to death." (1:00)

Alexander tells the detectives, referring to his family, "They’re all slightly hysterical." (1:06)

Godfrey: "Tommy, there’s a very peculiar mental process called thinking."
Tommy: ”Well, i’ll listen, but I still think that you belong in a psychopathic ward.” (1:09)

Cornelia tells Angelica, referring to Irene, "She’s upset because Godfrey didn’t fall down in a faint when we got in today."
Angelica: ”Why should Godfrey fall in a faint?” (1:11)

Irene faints in Godfrey’s arms.
Godfrey: ”Oh, this is the craziest family.” (1:18)

Godfrey knows just how to take care of these nasty old faints. (1:20)

Angelica tells Irene, "And Carlo’s gone out of the window." (1:27)

Tommy tells Godfrey, "I’m stuck, you’re nuts..." (1:30)