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My Own Love Song

Renee Zelwegger, Nick Nolte, Forest Whitaker
Spoiler alert
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Ex-fireman Joey stutters and talks to ghosts. (0:10)

Joey goes berserk and wrecks Jane's house before he is taken to the hospital. (0:13)

Men appear at Jane's door: "I'm Dr. Clark from the Marshall County psychiatric hospital..."
Cop: "Your patient is clearly a danger to himself and others." (0:18)

Joey asserts, "I ain't gonna be sedated anymore... I need to know if I'm the only one hears these voices." (0:20)

Jane's son Devon tells a girl, referring to his father, "He died when I was three." Jane tells her friend Billie about the loss of her mother, "When she passed away I guess I went crazy." (0:46)

Jane tells Billie about meeting Joey "when they put me in the psych ward... There's a fire in the subdivision where Joey's family lived. He saw his parents and his sister and his little niece die." (0:48)

Singer Caldwell tells Jane, Joey and Billie, "I gotta tell you there's something special about this cake. It can make you feel..." The cake appears to produce a psychedelic effect. (0:52)

Joey hallucinates angels flying around the moon, stutters as he talks with Billie. (1:18)