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My Piece of the Pie

Karin Viard, Gilles Lellouche, Audrey Lamy, Jean-Pierre Martins, Raphaele Godin, Fred Ulysse, Kevin Bishop, Marine Vacth, Flavie Bataillie, Tim Piggott-Smith
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Lucie tells her friend Jérémie, referring to worker France, "It's my mother. She took some pills."
Jérémie tells the others, "Her mother took some pills." (0:04)

Referring to France, another worker on television says, "A woman who worked here for 20 years attempted suicide." (0:05)

France tells her daughters, "If I killed myself..." (0:10)

A girl tells a group of girls, including France's daguhter Jessica, "I'd be pissed if my mom tried to kill herself."
"But if everybody who gets laid off commits suicide, then what?" (0:12)

Her friend Claire asks France, "What did the hospital shrinks say?" (0:17)

France asks her brother-in-law, "Really. You're not drunk?"
"Does that mean you're drunk?"
He says, "Hey, you're drunk too!" (0:23)

Broker Steve tells Francis, referring to finance, "It's insane." (1:01)