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My Sister Eileen

Rosalind Russell, Brian Aherne, Janet Blair, George Tobias, Allyn Joslyn
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Walter Sherwood: "Mother, are you encouraging this insanity?" (0:05)

Walter’s reporter daughter Ruth tells her actor sister Eileen, referring to men, "I don’t have to worry what becomes of them." (0:06)

Ruth tells Walter, "Don’t worry."
”You mustn’t worry about it.” (0:07)

Their new landlord Mr. Appopolous tells the sisters, referring to his handyman Jenson, "He’s crazy."
Eileen tells Ruth, ”Don’t worry.”
Appopolous, referring to the blasting: ”You won’t even be conscious of it.”
”What are you worrying about?”
”What are you getting so hysterical about?” (0:13)

Eileen tells two men, "Now, you get away from there, you drunken loafers." (0:20)

Theatrical reporter Chic Clark tells Eileen, "Now, I don’t want you to feel self-conscious or hold out on me or worry about a thing." (0:24)

Appopolous tells Ruth, "Well, I suppose it is the result of the general world hysteria." (0:32)

Ruth asks Eileen, referring to the man in their apartment, "You mean he’s not the drugstore?" (0:34)

Ruth tells drugstore clerk Frank Lippincott, "Eileen’s been telling me about your drugstore." (0:38)

The sisters’ neighbor Wreck Loomis tells Officer Lonigan, "Aw, you’re crazy."
The doorman at the Russian Blini, referring to an unconscious woman in his arms: ”She passed out.”
When editor Robert Baker expresses interest in her work, Ruth faints.
Eileen: ”She’s fainted.” (0:43)

Robert tells Ruth, referring to his boss Ralph Craven, "People like that drive you crazy, don’t they?" (0:47)

Ruth tells Wreck, "You must get pretty plastered after a day’s ironing."
Wreck: ”Oh, but I don’t touch a drop after the football season starts.” (0:50)

Robert tells Ruth, "Now, now, don’t you worry." (0:53)

Wreck tells his wife, "You’re cray, Helen." (0:57)

Ruth tells Eileen, "There must be an idiot sneak thief in the neighborhood."
”I’m not worried about you, Eileen...” (1:03)

Appopolous tells Eileen, "Morons."
”Life is for idiots.” (1:09)

Ruth tells Eileen, referring to the seamen, "Lead them out the back door, then run like mad for the front..." (1:16)

Ruth tells a desk Sergeant, referring to Eileen,"She must be half out of her mind." (1:17)

Robert tells Eileen, "Look, honey, I don’t want you to worry..."
”Don’t worry, Ruth...”
”Don’t you worry now.” (1:19)

Ruth tells Appopolous, "I’m in no mood to swap subtleties with you." (1:21)

Grandma tells Ruth, referring to Walter, "He’s been worrying like a fool."
Ruth: ”Worried? Worried about what, Dad?” (1:23)

Walter: "You girls have gone crazy." (1:34)