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My Worst Nightmare

Isabelle Huppert, Benoit Poelvoorde, André Dussollier, Virginie Efira, Corentin Devroey, Donatien Suner, Aurélien Recoing, Eric Berger, Philippe Magnan, Bruno Podalydès
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Art dealer Agathe tells her son’s school principal at a meeting of the PTA, “There’s the ‘Berufsbilder’ test from the late 1960s which takes a psychoanalytic approach.”(0:02)

Construction worker Patrick asks the principle, “Is her kid retarded?” (0:04)

Agathe asks Patrick, “Are you crazy?” (0:20)

Agathe tells Patrick, “You’re totally obsessed.”
”You’re an alcoholic.” (0:27)

Patrick: “I’m such an idiot.” (0:43)

Agathe tells Patrick he has “The soul of a boozehound.” (0:45)

Drunk Patrick tells Agathe, “Horsey has to sober up.” (0:48)

Agathe tells the others, “Stable couple is a vague concept for a self-respecting psychologist.” (0:56)

Agathe asks her son Adrien, “Are you crazy?” (1:02)

Patrick asks Agathe, “Isn’t it depressing, alone in there in front of a blank screen?” (1:03)

Patrick tells Agathe, referring to his bar and his son, “I torched it, for the insurance, but I was so wasted, if a fireman hadn’t rescued Tony, I’d be carrying around his ashes.”
“You’ just a little crazy. I’m a total loser...” (1:14)

Patrick tells Tony, “You have 5 minutes to pack, or tonight you sleep in a dorm with retards.” (1:20)

Patrick tells Agathe, “When I drank, I denied I was a drunk. Now I admit I was a drunk and constantly say I don’t drink.”
Agathe: “I always figured you were either in hospital or in prison. Or an asylum.” (1:31)